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Flat Land Ice Fishing Panfish Delights

Submitted by: Stacy Robinson

In the Midwest and northern plains, anglers enjoy fishing for tasty Panfish. Panfish are not a specific type of fish, but just a non-predatory fish that is about the right size to fit into a pan and fry. They include bluegill, small perch, sunfish, and crappie among others.

When winter arrives and the lakes and ponds where these fish live freeze over, the hardy anglers are ready for ice fishing. The most important part of ice fishing for Panfish, is safety. In the far north, the lakes freeze over solid and stay frozen. In the mid west and lower latitudes the lakes will freeze over enough for ice fishing but the thickness of the ice should be tested every time before going out on the ice. In most areas four inches of ice is enough to support a person without cracking. However, the thickness of ice varies over a lake or even a pond. The safest rule of thumb is to make sure there is six to eight inches of ice on a lake before going out on it.

You should also dress warm and in layers. Wearing a pair of neoprene chest waders and a heavy jacket will keep a person warm even in sub-zero temperatures. A good pair of neoprene fishing gloves is also helpful to keep your hands warm and dry.

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The next step is drilling a hole in the ice. There are many techniques for this of which most are regulated by local fishing rules. Most states have laws about how large of a hole you can put into the ice. Check the ice fishing regulations before you begin to avoid an extremely expensive fishing trip. A manual ice auger is what most ice angler s use. It drills anywhere from a six inch hole to a 10 inch hole. With a good sharp auger you can cut through a foot of ice in no time. For the beginner, it is best to have a rope tied to your auger on one end and something large and heavy to the other end. That way when you finally break thorough the ice, the auger will not fall to the bottom of the lake.

After creating the hole, you will need a large dipper with holes in it to strain out the pieces of ice that are in the hole. Another tip is once you have cleared out the floating ice, look down at the bottom of the ice hole to make sure it will be open enough to get a fish through it.

The best baits to use for ice fishing are worms and fish eggs. Depending on your location, the color of fishing eggs will vary. The worms should all be big night crawlers. This is the time of year fish are looking for the largest meal they can get using the least amount of energy. Begin fishing on the bottom of the lake. Leave the bait just sitting there. If this doesn t work, try jigging the bait up and down a distance of about 6 inches. Movement attracts attention and may be just what the fish need.

Using these tips will allow you to have a great time ice fishing for your favorite Panfish. Good luck.

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May 24

Cv Raman Nagar Destination Best For Purva 270 In Bangalore}

Submitted by: Annya Kumar

Puravankara 270 by Puravankara Projects Limited is an innovative skillfully designed township that is coming up at CV Raman Nagar in Bangalore. New floors of Puravankara Projects Limited are not now an easy comfort and system, but homes that complete the superb blend of plentiful greens and leisures taking care of a single lifestyle. Purva 270 is a new planet of inspiration that has a mix together for the complete thing for one and all who desires a life of contentment and fun. At an extremely aristocratic section, this highly demanding project is situated at a silicon city which is a prospective residential development in the outline of creative living. CV Raman Nagar is a peaceful state and first-class to living for calm lover. As of the venture purpose, this project will set on gigantic name and fame on account of the good structure of the developers group. New-fangled flats of this project are stunning and fully air conditioned.

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Even though this project is obtained for both developer and investors, so we bring in it for you. Developers Company is start in applying and getting increasing developments in real estate fields. With the highly noteworthy focus on delivering state-of-the-art power inventive buildings the developer has earlier attained over realty developments. Although its benefit is never fitfully so, It is the outcome of boundless commitment to a well predictable course of action. It is my unparalleled swears that he will not at this moment in time go and get better-quality but he will attempt to accomplish hope of landed property investors. Wait on nothing under the extremely outstanding from us. Topography on top of its state of affairs is the core of every realty project. In support of an advantage, CV Raman Nagar is solitary of the highly important terrain in the whole Bangalore.

Purva 270 Bangalore, a ground breaking pre launch willing to help accommodating project is to be found on the topography of Bangalore at the center of chief destination. It is an interesting area to settle down planned by the well-known developers group. As an incorporated master gated community project it extends community a mixture of independent floors of 1392 sq ft to 1980 sq ft crammed with advanced chuck and scientific buildings organization. With linking to the close by regions, the project has been positioned at chief site is on foot distance from Byappanahalli Metro station, 3 KM space as of Indiranagar and 15 minutes driving space to MG road. It has good quality doorway to most significant IT hubs for instance ORR, Koramangala inner ring road with Whitefield. Close to area of this heart touching project are ITPL IT Hub, 6 Kms km far-off from MG Road, round the corner Bus station of DRDO, 38 Kms distant from Bangalore International Airport with Bordering area of Byappanahalli Metro Station. With style of life at the moment in addition to an alternative for a big shot, the project proffers its dweller with facilities to breathe living to the fullest. The apartments nuzzled in high floors having all kinds of comforts at reach.For more info visit http://www.purva270.in/

About the Author: Puravankara, a well real estate developer is coming with a new residential project Purva 270 with 1,2 and 3 BHK Premium apartments at CV Raman Nagar in Bangalore. For more info visit




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