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The engine is among the most complicated systems in your car. There are so many collective pieces to the engine that when an individual engine part breaks, it can be costly just taking the engine apart to find out what went wrong. Generally problems with the engine are going to run in the thousands to fix rather than the hundreds. If youre driving an old junker you may be better off getting a new car rather than having the engine part replaced that broke; even if its a small part the labor during the process of engine teardown will rack up your bill.

If you decide to get the engine part that broke in your engine fixed, be sure that the engine isnt readily available elsewhere with lesser miles for around the same price. By doing some quick research before your commit to getting the part fixed, youll be able to tell if youre making the best decision. If you find something of similar value with significantly fewer miles than your current engine, it may be worth purchasing it and trying to sell the old broken engine privately. Mechanics never tell people that engines will readily sell for good money even if there are non-working parts.


The reason that engines cost so much is because theyre made of heavy metals, theyre always in demand somewhere or another and with a little restoration, the engines can be resold for a significant price. A broken engine may only sell for eight hundred to twelve hundred dollars though a restored engine could go for twenty-two hundred or more. Depending on the make and model, the engine rebuilding business can be very lucrative. Popular antique cars will demand a certain kind of engine that had only been produced a limited number of times: picking up classic engine parts and doctoring them up if you know how can yield not just thousands but tens of thousands of dollars.

For the reason of expense, used car drivers are more often boned than not when an engine part breaks within their engine. A used cars engine will almost never be economical to fix versus repair as the age leads to corrosion and the regular possibility of something else breaking that will total the vehicle (technically thats when the repair bill would be higher than the cost of the car according to Blue Book value). When you start looking for a single engine part to fix your old jalopy, think again and invest in a new engine entirely. New cars also offer the benefits of a featuring a new motor and usually a guarantee to boot. Take every trouble as a blessing and justify financing your first new car!

New cars will have every engine part greased and well-tuned for the next many years. Cars last an average of eight to ten years without drastic repairs needed so long as theyre well maintained. If you dont want to get overcharged when your next old cars inner engine part breaks, seriously consider a new car versus an old one.

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