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Tips on how to Build a Simple Storyboard with Plugins After Effects

Today, the storyboard can be used for a number of functions: from documentaries to cartoons to class presentations or perhaps indie filmmaking…there are numerous ways to make use of a finished storyboard to communicate your ideas to others.

Getting the storyboard arranged and logical enough to resonate together with your production crew or perhaps target audience may be the key to producing the most out of all your effort…however how do you start?

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Trying to keep it basic is vital; to start with, you have to build your perspective for that task, frame by frame. Previously, drawings and outsourced art added in expense and hassle to making storyboards. Today’s pro directors often nip this problem within the bud by simply choosing designer software program that helps them develop storyboards independently, with out outsourced sketches. Since digital storyboarding software program like Plugins After Effects has pre-loaded sketches, characters, backdrop, as well as special effects, it can make it feasible for directors to acquire a very good result in mere minutes. Additionally, it will take the dilemma of working with “live” artists out of the equation.

However you decide to create your storyboard, you should start off simply – utilize pictures and text to pre-plan your camera shots or concepts, and also make sure your own script runs properly just before getting your concepts on camera. By simply mapping out perspectives, “marking” actors or characters positions in each scene, and also incorporating dialogue, music as well as other essentials (older storyboard require much more effort than today’s digital storyboards), you can start to develop a schedule that helps you organize your production.

If you’re making a storyboard for a class or perhaps group demonstration, you are able to focus on making certain each and every crucial talking point or fact is organized and easy to comprehend. By simply making a simple storyboard for your audience, you can aid them to process more details. Utilizing visual cues to create a story less difficult to comprehend is really a time-honored tradition – for years, advertising companies have depended on storyboards to exhibit their ideas to clients prior to closing a new account. Nowadays, several advertising agencies go for electronic digital software – this tends to pay for itself when it comes to user-friendliness and also speed. Also, a digital production seems far more modern and pulled-together.

Once you’ve mapped out your own primary shots as well as dialogue, you can begin to refine your own concepts just before filming or showing your storyboard to others. Consider ways to make your vision fresh and special. Take into account pacing, tone, music, camera work (hand-held or tripod? etc.) as well as what sort of actors or actresses you’ll be looking for. There are numerous details to be considered, and it really is effortless to sort things out using a basic storyboard as a visual guide.

The reason why people choose storyboards prior to a production or even group presentation is pretty basic – it’s just less difficult to deal with the subject matter when it’s organized and presented for public consumption. Rather than storing lots of info inside your brain and trying to explain to other people (who might not see your vision just as easily as you do), you might be better served by simply showing other people what you want and what you intend to create. With no simple storyboard that includes text, images, and angles, your own perspective can be challenging to “translate” to an audience, investors, or a film team.

When you’re putting together a storyboard, make sure you pay attention to framing, blocking as well as where the focus of every scene will lie. In case you are storyboarding for movie or perhaps cartoons, always think about the movement of the characters. Their particular motions must be pointed out throughout your frame-by-frame breakdown of the plotline.

To be able to grasp the idea of storyboarding, consider your personal vision as though this were a strip from your favorite comic. By visualizing your story or presentation in such a linear format, you are able to better visualize the action before beginning to storyboard. Representing three-dimensional motion in a 2-D surroundings can be quite a little complicated – take into account Plugins After Effects for a far better end result. When today’s high technology joins together with your perspective for the script, you could expect a refined result which pops.

Getting started using a simple storyboard can easily include numerous preparations – from sketching rough scenes in a notebook, to gathering your own team and brainstorming…or perhaps scouting locations as well as imagining the actual action you are going to capture on film…there are lots of ways to get creative prior to the process commences. Enable yourself to have enjoyment with it! Do not get too consumed with stress about producing your storyboard perfect – especially if it is your very first one! If it is certainly essential to construct an ideal depiction of your presentation or production – you should most likely think about going digital. Go online to look for totally free demos of applications such as Storyboard Quick to see just how much work this kind of software program can take away!

As you become much more adept at producing storyboards, you may want to add various other elements to make your demonstration impressive. Special effects and audio…innovative camera angles as well as cropping…all could be played with when you choose digital software. In case you are working with old-fashioned Bristol board and post-it-notes, attempt to ensure your artwork and layout are the most effective they can be.

With storyboarding, even in its simplest form, “God is in the details”. You should look at your storyboard a chance to think about every aspect of the production you’ve planned. Organizing shots etc. will be an aid to concentrate your mind on what you need to do. For a production with a spending budget and schedule, a storyboard is not really optional. Pro directors make certain their storyboards are detailed, efficient, and extremely easy to understand. After that, they use their artistry and their ability to think big whenever they transfer their storyboards to actual motion picture.

Plotting elements out using a simple storyboard can help to save time and money – even digital storyboard software that may appear pricey tends to pay for itself due to its effectiveness and the refined final result this provides. Consider stepping into the future with high-tech storyboarding software like Plugins After Effects which takes the pressure away!

Storyboard software can help you get started…for a look at the hottest brand new programs for every budget, click on Plugins After Effects

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Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden fights back after invasion of German naked hikers

Saturday, January 31, 2009

A local Swiss government has shown some bare cheek and has taken action, after hordes of German naked hikers rambling across the Swiss alps au naturel, caused indignation amongst locals.

Authorities in Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden have warned that starting from February 9, the government will impose hefty fines of 200 Swiss Francs (£122, €135) on naturists found walking or hiking in the nude without clothes in the picturesque mountains because of a recent influx of visiting German nudists.

The new ordinance is expected to be passed this spring. If it is approved by the local parliament on February 9 it should be effective on April 26. The Swiss canton aims to stop spread of ‘indecent practice’ by minimally-clad German climbers.

The problem started with a group of “boot-only hikers” who were stopped by the police in the Alpine region last autumn. They had wandered there regularly, proudly marching through nature with bare bums, and had also advertised what they thought was a naked paradise on the internet. But it was all too much for the Swiss.

A nude rambler dressed in nothing more than a rucksack and walking boots in the eastern Appenzell region was arrested and detained in the canton, but authorities were unable to file lawsuit because the act was not punished by law or ordinance at the time.

“We were forced to introduce the legislation against this indecent practice before the warm weather starts,” Melchior Looser, the canton’s justice and police minister, said. “Ultimately, in the summer lots of kids stay in our mountains,” he added.

In the guidelines imposed, arrested offenders who cannot pay the fine, will face legal action. The new enabling ordinance has, however, been met with protests by nude hikers. “We simply try to tune into nature. It’s the most harmless pursuit possible,” said Dietmar, age 58, a German lawyer.

German tabloid Bild Zeitung has editorially attacked Swiss intolerance and even suggested nudist alternatives worldwide, after hinting a Swiss tourism boycott. Local authorities of Harz mountain range in central Germany have also announced the openness to any visitor of an “official naked walking route” in nature’s outdoors.

Freikörperkultur (“FKK”), or “free body culture”, is a popular pastime in Germany. It is a German movement which endorses a naturistic approach to sports and community living. Behind that is the joy of the experience of nature or also on being nude itself, without direct relationship to sexuality. The followers of this culture are called traditional naturists, FKK’ler, or nudists.

The naked ramblers have hoped it doesn’t lead to another naturist-clothed ‘war’, like the one at a beach between German and Polish holidaymakers in 2008. Naturism has roots traced from the start of the 20th century. “Abandoning unpractical clothes enables a direct contact with the wind, sun and temperature”, naked hiker website nacktwandern.de stated.

But Markus Dörig, a spokesman for Appenzell Innerrhoden canton has defended the law, explaining that the “public nuisance” was a foreign import. “We have been receiving many complaints. The local people are upset and we in the government share their concern. How would one feel if one was to go walking in nature and suddenly came across a group of naked people? They are definitely not people from the area, and I think many of them come from Germany,” he noted.

“We are a small and orderly community and such things are simply out of place here. Perhaps in vast mountain areas naked people would not be much of a problem but here they simply stick out,” Dörig added. “I can understand that we all have to live in this world together,” said Barbara Foley, International Naturist Foundation member of the central committee. “But I would certainly enjoy doing the hike in the nude and I wouldn’t want to be deprived of it. It’s nice to feel the sun on your skin. Maybe they should designate a couple of trails and people would know they might come across naturists there,” she added.

Appenzell Innerrhoden (Appenzell Inner Rhodes) is the smallest canton of Switzerland by population and the second smallest by area, Basel-City having less area. The population of the canton was 15,471 as of 2007, of which 1,510 (or 9.76%) were foreigners. The canton in the north east of Switzerland has an area is 173 km². It was divided in 1597 for religious reasons from the former canton Appenzell, with Appenzell Ausserrhoden being the other half.

Appenzell is the capital of this canton. The constitution was established in 1872. Most of the canton is pastoral, this despite being mountainous. Cattle breeding and dairy farming are the main agricultural activities: Appenzeller cheese is widely available throughout Switzerland. Due to the split of Appenzell along religious lines, the population (as of 2000) is nearly all Roman Catholic (81%), with a small Protestant minority (10%).

The town, however is far from liberalism: the canton granted women the right of suffrage only in 1990 under pressure from the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland and international human rights groups. The Alpine village of Appenzell Innerrhoden, being known for its beautiful landscape, has recently been declared a “naked rambler paradise” by a German mountaineering website, which was created by a lobby group of hikers.

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Nov 15


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  • 8 April 2014: Scottish artist Alan Davie dies at age 93
  • 12 August 2011: Three killed amongst Birmingham, England riots
  • 13 July 2011: 21 people killed and 113 reported injured in three blasts in Mumbai
  • 4 July 2011: Hidden treasure worth billions of dollars discovered in Indian temple
  • 26 November 2010: Bernie Ecclestone attacked outside London headquarters; no arrests made
  • 6 September 2009: Man charged with attempted murder in £40 million London jewel heist
  • 13 August 2009: British gemstone expert killed by mob in Voi, Kenya
  • 11 August 2009: Thieves steal £40 million from London jeweller
  • 31 May 2009: Thief steals over €6 million worth of jewels from Paris store
  • 18 March 2009: Madoff prosecutors want assets from wife and children

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Relief efforts continue

Over 116,000 are reported dead in the coastal areas of Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and other regions. As international aid begins to flow to the region, casualties caused by outbreaks of cholera, typhoid and related diseases, as well as by increasingly unsanitary conditions, threatens to push the death toll even higher.

‘Fockers’ set to meet another weekend title

With no new wide releases, last weekend’s films are set to rule U.S. and Canadian box office receipts once again.

Yushchenko claims victory in re-run

In Ukraine, the opposition candidate wins, and the Ukraine Elections commission rejects Prime Minister Yanukovych’s claims over election.

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  • Spain offers to host COP25 climate summit as Chile pulls out due to widespread social protests
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong in chaos as protests continue
  • SpaceX starlink launch
  • Patrash Hembrom
  • Hole in Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search affects milestones report

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  • Chinese University of Hong Kong in chaos as protests continue
  • SpaceX starlink launch
  • Patrash Hembrom
  • Hole in Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search affects milestones report
  • Spain offers to host COP25 climate summit as Chile pulls out due to widespread social protests

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Nov 15

Australian Federal Police raid home over unauthorised access to pay TV services

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Australian Federal Police officers reportedly raided the home in Argenton, West of Newcastle, New South Wales of a man suspected of distibuting software to enable unauthorised access to pay TV services Foxtel and Austar.

A spokesperson for the Australian Federal Police said that officers seized computer equipment, including an “external hardware drive”. The spokesperson said police were assisted by Foxtel’s fraud invesigators and computer forensic experts from Ferrier Hodgson.

Debra Richards, Executive Director of the Australian Subscription Television Association, the organisation which represents the interests of Australian pay TV service providers, said, “Industry members are working cooperatively through ASTRA to address a problem that results in lost revenue and resources that would otherwise be used to grow the Australian television and production industries.”

“The real victims here are the consumers who are being hoodwinked into being involved in a criminal activity, often paying more than they would otherwise for a legitimate service,” she said.

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Nov 15

Your Truck Sat Nav Will Save You Time

Submitted by: Snooper

Mapping an approach to your destination keeps getting easier. Gone are the days where you pulled out the dreaded fold out paper map and a red pencil to draw your chosen path. The concept of online mapping has been around for a while now. However with a truck sat nav you can map and easily store your routes while in your vehicle and have up to date information.

Handy little electronic navigation systems continue to improve more every year. These little devices are great for simple route tracking, such as finding a restaurant or potential traffic issues you have a lot of power in your hands. The majority of sat nav models can vary upon options that you may need, but for a long haul driver you might want as much as you can get to make driving easier.

Being a professional truck driver means having access to the information on how to quickly get to the new destination as quickly as possible, as the area may be unknown and it could be a long distance away. With a system in place like this you can have lodging, restaurants, stores, best paths to suit your vehicle and more quickly in hand.

YouTube Preview Image

Knowing what tools will help you best in your travels and knowing what is available to you will help you make a good choice. Lorry and truck drivers want the fastest, most direct path to their destination with the least amount of problems so they can do their job.

Your time is valuable and being able to get there sooner than later makes all the difference. Knowing where traffic jams, roadwork are being done, weather issues and more that can hinder your driving will assist you on your travels. Checking information before you decide on the route can be useful. You will already have maps and the pre loaded software on your device as well as the ability to access more updates to keep you on track. Information can change quickly and this device helps you by doing that job for you.

By being able to add in the information requested about your vehicle, the load, size, and more you can assist the navigation process. The device is mainly used for larger transport but it can also be utilized by cars.

Dangerous areas are easily mapped out as well as weather conditions or paths that might prove problematic. If you don’t have the full address to your final stop you can easily plug in the postal code and it can map out the route for you.

If you are on the road a lot, you know that all too often territory will not be familiar, or new roads can be added, as well new poi’s and potential hazards. By having a truck sat nav on hand it will help keep you out of trouble on your path by giving you handy guidance. This is readily becoming one of the most powerful tools available to all drivers, and for truck drivers it can make your job a lot easier.

About the Author: Snooper designs new and better sat nav systems, car GPS, caravan & truck sat navs, speed camera detectors, golf GPS and satellite navigation tracking. For more information on Car/Caravan/Truck GPS Satellite Navigation Systems, visit

Snooper UK



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BBC spends £3.4m on sell-off

Friday, June 27, 2008

Newspaper The Guardian reports today that the sale of the BBC subsidiary BBC Resources Ltd., has cost £3.4m in consultancy fees — over £1m more than the £2.3m trading profit the commercial division is estimated to have made for the last financial year. Details of the failed privatisation were released by the BBC following a freedom of information request, and prior to publication of its annual report on July 8.

Fourteen months after advisers were appointed to try to sell BBC Resources Ltd., only one of the three main business units has been sold — its Outside Broadcast division to Satellite Information Services Limited (SIS), for an estimated £20m. On March 7, 2008 it was also announced that the studios operation would remain in BBC ownership and in early June, the fate of the third business was put on hold with the BBC stating that “like Studios, Post Production will remain within BBC Resources, which will continue to operate as a wholly-owned commercial subsidiary of the BBC.”

BBC Resources Ltd. made an operating profit of £6.1m for 2005-06, down from £7.4m the year before, with the BBC accounting for 83.3% of its turnover, down from 87.4% for 2004-05. Last year’s published figure for 2006-07 was £5.2 million — with BBC business at 80% of turnover.

BECTU Assistant General Secretary Luke Crawley is quoted as saying: “It’s fairly outrageous that around half the profit of the company [announced last year] has been spent trying to sell it. It’s an inordinate amount of money. The BBC was promised big returns if it sold BBC Resources but it’s only managed to sell outside broadcasts and we do not know how much it made out of that. We think the £3.4m is a poor investment.”


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Nov 15

No people or animals hurt in rural Australian fire

Saturday, January 30, 2010

According to local police chief Craig Van Breugel there were no injuries or loss of life to animals or local residents in the recent fire in the rural Australian town of Toongabbie. “There was no injury to persons or animals. That is all I have for you,” Detective Acting Sergent Van Breugel said in response to queries from Wikinews.

The fire began about 2:20 pm local time (UTC+11) between Humphrey and Eagle Hawk roads, north of the township proper. The local Country Fire Authority brigade managed to contain the blaze to approximately three to five hectares.

Victoria Police have recently indicated that the area around where the fire was started is only accessible by four wheel drives (4WD) or off-road motorcycles; it is popular with dirt bike riders and 4WD enthusiasts.

The local Country Fire Authority brigade managed to contain the blaze to approximately three to five hectares between Humphrey and Eagle Hawk roads.

Det.Act.Sgt Van Breugel confrimed that there wer some off road motor cyclists in the are that day. “[Police] know there was a number of off road motorcyclists in the area on the day. Some of [them] have already been spoken to by the Police” Det.Act.Sgt Van Breugel said.

The fire is being treated as suspicious and people with infomation that may help the investigation are encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers or the local police.

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Nov 09

Annie Awards for animation Sunday; Wikinews will be there

Thursday, February 8, 2007

This Sunday, the International Animated Film Association (Association International du Film d’Animation) or ASIFA will hand out the Annie Awards in Glendale, California. As animation’s highest honor, the crowd is always a who’s who of direction, art design, character design, layout, visual effects, and voice artists.

There are 23 award categories in the Annies, sorted into Individual Achievement and Production categories.

Perhaps the most competitive category is “Best Animated Feature”, which will be a fight between Cars (Pixar Animation Studios), Happy Feet (Warner Bros. Pictures/Village Roadshow Pictures/Kennedy Miller Production/Animal Logic Film), Monster House (Columbia Pictures/ImageMovers/Amblin), Open Season (Sony Pictures Animation/Columbia Pictures) and Over The Hedge (DreamWorks Animation).

Cars, Happy Feet, and Monster House are all nominated in the Academy Awards for the same category, perhaps signifying an edge up in the competition.

Direct-to-DVD releases are eligible for the “Best Home Entertainment Production”. Included are Bambi II (DisneyToon Studios), The Adventures of Brer Rabbit (Universal Animation Studios), and Winnie the Pooh: Shapes & Sizes (DisneyToon Studios).

Charlie and Lola, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, King of the Hill, The Fairly OddParents, and Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! are all up for “Best Animated Television Production”.

“Best Animated Video Game” will be awarded to either Flushed Away The Game (D3 Publisher of America, Inc.), Monster House (THQ, Inc.), and SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature From the Krusty Krab (THQ, Inc.); the category was just created last year.

Adventure Time (Nickelodeon), Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot (Thunderbean Animation), No Time For Nuts (Blue Sky Studios), and Weird Al Yankovic Don’t Download This Song (Acme Filmworks) are all up for “Best Animated Short Subject”. Only No Time for Nuts is up for an Oscar, which has significantly different rules. “Best Animated Television Commercial” will go to either an advertisement for Candy Factory, ESPN, Hilton, St. Louis Zoo, and United Airlines.

Notably, no non-US films or productions have been nominated for any of the awards.


  • 1 Started in 1972
  • 2 Coverage upcoming
  • 3 Sources
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ASIFA is a non-profit worldwide organization dedicated to preserving and promoting animation, which maintains national branches in 55 countries, as far away as UlanBaatar, Mongolia and Tehran. The Annies are awarded by its California chapter ASIFA-Hollywood.

The awards were started in 1972, after voice actress June Foray noticed the industry lacked a formal way to acknowledge its achievements. Performing in over 202 productions, Foray’s most known characters are Rocket J. Squirrel (Rocky and Bullwinkle) and Granny (Looney Tunes).

ASIFA also hands out “Juried Awards” to various notable figures in animation. Bill Plympton, Genndy Tartakovsky, and Andreas Deja will each win the Winsor McCay Award, in recognition of lifetime or career contributions to the art of animation. Bill Matthews, Michael Fallik, Marc Deckter, and Eric Graf will each win a Certificate of Merit. The June Foray Award will go to Stephen Worth, for his “significant and benevolent or charitable impact on the art and industry of animation.” The Ub Iwerks Award and Special Achievement award will not be handed out.

Professional photographer John Mueller will attend the ceremony on behalf of Wikinews, taking photos of nominees and the rest of America’s animation elite. Mueller was selected from a wide pool of professionals offering their services. The photos from the event will be released under the Creative Commons By Attribution license, which allows them to be used by anyone for any purpose.

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Nov 07

Richard Hammond injured in jet-powered car crash

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Richard Hammond, a British television presenter known for presenting shows such as Top Gear and Brainiac, is in a “stable” condition in hospital following a car accident during filming for Top Gear. He was injured when the jet-powered car he was driving crashed during filming for the former. The car, similar to the “Vampire” which holds the British land speed record, overturned whilst being driven at speeds of up to 300 miles per hour at Elvington airfield near York, in what was suggested to be an attempt at bettering the previous record. It has been suggested that he succeeded in a previous attempt. Emergency services were called to the scene at 5.45pm local time (16.45 UTC).

He was airlifted to the specialist neurological unit at Leeds General Infirmary. A former firefighter who was providing fire safety at the site and witnessed the accident said that Hammond was initially unconscious but able to speak when removed from the wreckage. At the time he indicated some pain in his lower back. Numerous eyewitnesses from the Top Gear crew claimed he was ‘helped into’ an air ambulance, suggesting he was conscious at the time. The ambulance service is reported to have said that Hammond was unconscious when they arrived at the scene, but began to regain consciousness upon arrival at the hospital.

The car was “very very badly damaged and in many pieces on the runway”, according to BBC News 24, reporting comments made by his colleagues.

A web sitehas been set up for well-wishers enabling them to donate to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. This site will accept donations until January 21, 2007. As of 23.09 (UTC) 21st September 2006 (day 2) £52,239.90 had been raised, surpassing the original target of £340.00 and well past their target of £51,000 (150 flights) that was set in the past few days.

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