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Wikinews interviews DuckDuckGo, Opera, Mozilla, Wikimedia about DoNotTrack feature

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Following the introduction of a “Do Not Track” feature in modern browsers at the end of last year, Wikinews interviewed several companies and groups about the feature.


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Jan 14

The Medical Device Employment Outlook For 2016

byAlma Abell

Do you wonder what the overall outlook is for the medical device industry this year? Will the job market be stable? Will salaries and other earnings remain consistent? Where will most of the employment opportunities be?

Salary Stats

For starters, Medical device sales jobs continue to be among the most sought-after and highest-paying jobs in the medical sales field. According to MedReps’ 2015 Medical Sales Salary Report, the average annual medical device sales salary was $156,914, with an average base of $76,029. In 2014, those numbers were $158,411 and $77,173, respectively. In 2013, the average medical device sales salary was $150,890 and the average base average was $78,419. The year before that, average salaries were $155,000 and base salaries averaged $80,000.

What these numbers tell us regarding earnings, is that overall, salaries remain consistent. Sure, there may be a little fluctuation here and there and some years may see base salaries reduced from the previous year(s), but typically, commissions and bonuses help to make up the difference.

This also shows that competition due to high numbers of medical device sales jobs combined with a proportionately high number of medical device sales reps haven’t brought salaries down, which is definitely good news for those in the industry who are anxious to either keep their job or find a new opportunity.

The Current Landscape

YouTube Preview Image

In a recent MedReps survey entitled Top Medical Device Companies To Work For, it was noted that there are currently more than 6,500 medical device companies in the U.S., and surprisingly, 80% of them have fewer than 50 employees. While this may make it challenging for sales reps to recognize the many top medical device companies, it means the options are still plentiful for those seeking jobs at smaller med device companies and start-ups. Other than perhaps the size of the company, what else are job seekers looking for?

Participants of the Top Medical Device Companies survey also placed a high value on an employer with a strong product line as well as a commitment to research and development. In addition, when it came to corporate culture and employee growth, respondents said the best medical device companies to work for must offer both competitive compensation and a healthy work-life balance. More and more, top medical device companies like Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, Stryker, and others are taking notice and actually listening to their employees while creating desirable workplaces for them as well as new hires. These has increased overall job satisfaction and that definitely bodes well for the 2016 medical device job market forecast.

Finding Jobs

The ultimate test of an industry’s strength can usually by measured by jobs and naturally, with a healthy industry comes job availability. But where are those jobs? Here are the cities that are currently offering the highest medical device employment opportunities in the country:

Chicago (124 jobs)

Philadelphia (107 jobs)

New York (97 jobs)

Dallas (95 jobs)

Los Angeles (88 jobs)

Boston (86 jobs)

San Francisco (83 jobs)

Minneapolis (82 jobs)

Atlanta (80 jobs)

Houston (77 jobs)

Seattle (73 jobs)

Phoenix (68 jobs)

With factors like a stable job looks to be a strong year and sales reps should have plenty of chances to find fulfillment within the medical device industry.

Jan 14

China and US clash over currency

Thursday, February 4, 2010

China has retorted after the United States promised to “take a tougher line” with Beijing in regards to currency and trade. Barack Obama said yesterday that he would make sure unfair advantages were not being given by countries to their currencies against the dollar. US companies have complained that the Chinese Yuan is artificially undervalued to give Chinese industries a price advantage.

A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Ma Zhaoxu, said the value of the Yuan was “not the main reason” for the trade surplus of China with the United States. He went on to say that the “level of the Yuan is close to reasonable and balanced”, and “accusations and pressure do not help to solve the problem”.

When asked at a meeting with Senate democrats, Obama was asked about the possibility of breaking Chinese ties. He replied that he would make sure that they, along with other countries, abided by trade agreements; but, warned that it would be “a mistake” for the United States to become protectionist. He stated his administration would “make sure that our [the US] goods are not artificially inflated in price” and that China’s goods were not deflated. Trade between the two countries came to a total of US$409 billion last year, with a US gap of US$266 billion .

Diplomatic relations between the two countries have been strained recently over a Taiwanese arms deal, Obama visiting the Dalai Lama and Internet censorship.

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Jan 14

Obama’s new stance on same-sex marriage earns donations

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Following the announcement this week by U.S. President Barack Obama that he supports the legalisation of marriage for same-sex partners, the Obama campaign claims to have received an increase in donations and support from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) supporters.

Financial support for Democratic politicians by LGBT groups had fallen to the lowest rate in 16 years, with only $590,000 raised so far in the election cycle. A June fundraising event planned in Los Angeles and focused on the LGBT community is likely to sell out and Obama’s campaign team is seeking to expand the event.

Gay people better get out there and support the president.

Chad Griffin, the incoming head of LGBT campaigning group the Human Rights Campaign, said that the President’s statement on marriage “will further energize an already excited base”. Obama supporter and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Wade Randlett said that the announcement “reminds people of the Obama they worked hard for in 2007, 2008. Someone who takes strong, bold stands”.

The sex advice columnist Dan Savage wrote on Twitter: “Gay people better get out there and support the president. If he loses in November, we’ll be blamed.”

Opponents of same-sex marriage have also used the President’s statement on the issue to raise money: the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) have run a three-day long “money bomb” fundraiser this week which raised $20,000. NOM plan to increase the amount spent on supporting candidates in federal elections this year.

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Jan 14

Africa makes first draft version of UNCCC treaty, with harder goals

Monday, December 14, 2009

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, after four days of negotiations, Africa countries have made the first draft version of future possible treaty, to replace the 1997 Kyoto protocol. Africa leaders demand 5% of GDP of developed world citizens to be given as a finance to developing countries for struggle with global warming. Along with this, developing countries expect rich countries to increase their emissions cuts goals.

Funding for developed countries was previously expected to be 130 billion US dollars. The new proposal is about 11 times larger, according to 2008 GDP estimates. In an interview in Copenhagen, China’s representative Su Wei commented, “The developed countries need to speed up the process and come forward with more ambitious targets by 2020.”

Can you give 5% of your income for developing countries to fight with climate change?
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Many nations offered emissions cuts pledges, which vary from 4% to 17% cuts by 2020, compared with 1990 levels. The Africa’s draft proposes a goal of 65% cut for every developed country. Though the new goals are harder, Anders Turesson, European Union representative at UNCCC, doubted in the ability of them to prevent 2-degree warming. In an interview in Copenhagen, he said, “We are concerned about the environmental integrity of these texts and we do not see how they will deliver the 2-degree target. Hopefully we will be able to step up our ambitions as we move forward in the negotiations.”

British Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband criticised the draft text for absence of a certain temperature raise threshold, said that the new texts “are shorter texts than we’ve had before, which we can negotiate around because the imperative here is to get on with it and get to an ambitious solution”.

Bloomberg news company interviewed several people from New York environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Its policy director David Doniger expects most difficulties to come at the end of the UNCCC, when Barack Obama and Wen Jiabao arrive at the summit: “It’s really come down to a set of difficult issues. It’s a lot easier for lower-level negotiators to come to an impasse and go home. It’s not easy for senior officials and definitely not easy for heads of government.” As international climate policy director of NRDC Jake Schmidt commented similarly, “It’s going to be a tense negotiation over emissions cuts for developed countries.”

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Jan 13

What Are The Top Tourist Destinations In Montreal?

By Lisa Steinway

Montreal, Canada, is a blend of French and the English traditions. Montreal has a distinct cultural heritage that attracts tourists from all over the world. The cultural events, social events, festivals, cuisine, theater, music, and many other attractions and events make Montreal a top tourist destination. Below is a list of top tourist destinations in Montreal:

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Musee des Beaux-Arts) The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is one of Canada’s most famous museums. The museum contains a broad collection of international contemporary and Canadian exhibits.

Old Montreal: Once a fortified city, Old Montreal is a vivacious community of restaurants, hotels, and boutiques. The city is rich in 17th and 18th history and architecture. You can easily walk around Old Montreal. It contains such attractions as Point Calliere Museum, Notre Dame Basilica, as well as fine shopping and fine restaurants.

Mont Royal Summit: When visiting Mont Royal Summit, you can bike, hike, drive, or take a bus to the top of Mont Royal. You will experience a spectacular view and park. Mont Royal Park includes a small, man-made lake, playground, lookouts, and walking paths.

YouTube Preview Image

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts contains an amazing collection of nearly 36,000 pieces by Canadian and international artists. They include: photographs, paintings, sculpture, and decorative art objects. The museum’s permanent collection includes Canadian and Inuit art, international art, decorative arts and design, and contemporary art.

The Montreal Biodome: The Montreal Biodome is a captivating museum that recreates the world’s four ecosystems: Tropical Rainforest, Laurentian Maple Forest, Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the Sub-Polar Regions. Each ecosystem has its own space in which the vegetation, climate, and wildlife is imitated to give visitors an authentic experience.

The Montreal Casino: The Montreal Casino is the largest casino in Canada and among the 10 biggest in the world. The casino is a distinct, futuristic looking building that consists of partly of two pavilions from the ’67 Montreal Expo. As well, the casino is made up of 3 buildings and 6 floors.

Jean-Talon Market: The Jean Talon provides a genuine market experience. Visitors can mingle residents with and purchase a variety of delicious fresh foods. The market has intriguing shops offering such items as Quebec goods, kitchen ware, fine olive oils and spices, etc.

Underground City: In Montreal’s downtown, the Underground City is a protected complex that covers over 12 km and consists of 33 km of paths. This subterranean network connects major department stores, metro stops, and other Montreal attractions. Almost half a million local and international visitors walk its corridors every day to seat, shop, and work.

Olympic Stadium: Built for Montreal’s 1976 Olympics, the awe-inspiring, impressive Olympic Stadium is a famous Montreal landmark to behold. The stadium is next to the Montreal Biodome and the Botanical Gardens, which are great family destinations.

Montreal is a famous city with much to see and do making the spectacular city that is rich in history and culture a top tourist destination.

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Romanian government to strengthen laws against tax evasion

Monday, April 11, 2005

The Romanian government has drafted legislation pertaining to tax evasion that makes it a criminal offence on the same level as crimes against individuals. Developed with the aid of Romania’s business community, the new law is expected to reduce corruption and tax evasion. According to the new law, the maximum jail term for tax evasion will be boosted up to 20 years. This sentence, however, will only be passed in circumstances of large-scale fraud. For evasion of up to the equivalent of 10,000 euro, the punishment will be either a fine or up to 2 years in prison. For tax fraud of up to 500,000 euro, the term will be extended to 2-8 years in prison. It is only for those whose tax evasion exceeds 1 million euro that the jail term will range between 10 and 20 years.

In the same package of legislation, the government approved several changes to banckruptcy law, which makes it easier for businesses to file for bankruptcy. The new laws are expected to make Romania’s business environment cleaner, resulting in more foreign investment, less corruption and more revenue for the government.

At the start of the year, the Romanian government introduced a new flat tax system for Romania, in which the tax rate is 19% for both personal income and corporate profit. This has led Romania to have one of the most liberal tax policies in Europe. The lower rate of tax has already reduced fiscal evasion to a significant extent because more people and businesses are encouraged to pay the tax. However, in order to further reduce the grey economy in Romania, advisers said at the start of the year that the government must also back this up with tougher legislation against tax evasion. Previously, Romania’s tax evasion laws were fairly lax, leading to quite a significant extent of tax fraud. Now, with the new, highly-publicised tax evasion laws, it is expected that the risk of getting prosecuted for not paying an already-low tax rate will force many businesses out of the black market into the legal economy.

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Jan 13

Hurricane-force winds kill 15 people as storm hits Europe

Sunday, January 25, 2009

As a storm swept across parts of France and Spain on Saturday and Sunday, it left 15 people dead. Its winds were recorded up to 190km/h (118 mph), which are hurricane-force winds.

The storm made landfall near to Bordeaux, France at 5:00 am Central European Time on Saturday the 24th January. It traveled south-eastwards towards the south-east coast of France throughout Saturday morning, finally reaching there at 1:00 pm. It is expected to head north-eastwards over Italy and the Adriatic Sea, but without causing damage. Low pressure systems are fairly common in Europe at this time of year. Some reports have called it the storm of the decade; BBC meteorologist Alex Deakin said “Saturday’s storm is being described as the most damaging since that of December 1999 which killed 88 people.”

Four children aged between 9 and 12 died at a sports hall in Sant Boi de Llobregat, near Barcelona. The children intended on playing baseball, but sought shelter inside a covered area made of concrete with a corrugated iron roof. The structure collapsed, as a result of the wind. Local people and fire-fighters were at the scene in aiding children to escape the rubble. Three children died at the scene, a fourth died in hospital and 16 have been treated for injuries.

Other fatalities include a woman, who died after a wall collapsed and a man struck by a falling tree in the Barcelona area. In Landes, south-west France, a falling tree struck a driver; a 78-year-old man was hit by debris and another man, aged 75, was crushed by a tree. A wall crushed a man in Aigues de Busot in the south-east of Spain. A policeman was struck by a falling tree as he directed traffic in Burela and a sailor from a cargo ship died when the vessel got into trouble off the coast of Galicia. In Burgos, Spain, a woman was crushed by a door.

Approximately 1.7 million homes in France and tens of thousands of homes in Spain experienced power cuts. A woman, aged 73, died in France after a power-outage stopped her breathing machine. Road and rail links were blocked and airports closed. Airports in Bordeaux, Biarritz, Pau and Toulouse were shut, as well as train services, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded overnight.

Michèle Alliot-Marie, the French interior minister, stated that in addition to the 300 civil security agents located in the Landes region of France, another 715 agents would be deployed. She also expressed her intent to fly there today, after the high winds have decreased. French President Nicolas Sarkozy told reporters he would travel to the affected area tomorrow. In Bordeaux’s Gironde region, 19 residents of a retirement home were evacuated by rescuers following its rooftop being blown away. Authorities have also evacuated campers from the pine forests in Landes.

Thousands were evacuated from nearby housing estates in La Nucía, north of Benidorm in Alicante, as the Spanish Army helped to fight a forest fire, which was started by a felled electricity pylon. There were also forest fires in the region of Catalonia, while Spain put emergency services on high alert. Waves over 20 metres high were registered off the northern coast of Spain and dolphins were stranded on beaches in the region as a result of high winds.

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Jan 11

On the campaign trail in the USA, June 2016

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The following is the second edition of a monthly series chronicling the U.S. 2016 presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after an overview of the month’s biggest stories.

In this month’s edition on the campaign trail: the effect of the Brexit vote on the US presidential election is examined; a well known businessman and sports team owner pitches his candidacy for vice president; and Wikinews interviews the winner of the American Independent Party California primary.


  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Brexit’s impact on the US presidential election
  • 3 Cuban makes vice presidential pitch
  • 4 California American Independent Party primary winner speaks to Wikinews
  • 5 Related articles
  • 6 Sources
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Jan 11

US military to buy anthrax and bioweapons production systems

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The US Army’s Dugway Proving Ground in Utah is looking for a subcontractor to produce the anthrax bacillus anthracis Sterne strain in 1,500 litre quantities. The Sterne strain is not thought to be harmful to humans, but the intended use of the anthrax remains unclear, worrying anti-biological weapons activists. Other recent Dugway contracts for equipment to produce unspecified biolgical agents in 3,000 litre batches are even more concerning to activists.

The contracts were uncovered by The Sunshine Project, a group opposed to biological weapons development based in Germany. The work involved seems to cast doubts on the ability of the US to live up to its commitments to the Biological Weapons Convention. The post 9/11 anthrax attack upon the U.S. used weaponized U.S. Army anthrax [1] [2], most likely produced at Fort Detrick.

A Dugway spokesperson declined to specify what the biological agents would be used for.

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