Feverfew An Important Herb For The Elderly

See More About: Lifestyle Retirement Villages List Of Retirement Villages In Nsw Submitted by: T. Mahabir A particular favorite among herbalists, feverfew is a fairly common garden plant belonging to the daisy family that contains compounds known as sesquiterpenes. Modern research has indicated that these compounds may be more efficacious than aspirin in treating both […]

News briefs: April 18, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014 Wikinews Audio Briefs Dateline Friday, April 18, 2014 Listen to this brief Problems? See our media guide.

Enron founder Ken Lay dies in Aspen, Colorado

Wednesday, July 5, 2006 Kenneth L. Lay, the Enron ex-chief executive and ex-chair, died early Wednesday morning at his vacation home at the age of 64 after a massive coronary attack, according to a family spokesperson. Lay was found guilty of six counts of fraud and conspiracy related to the Enron scandal on May 25, […]

News briefs:July 9, 2006

The time is 18:00 (UTC) on July 9th, 2006, and this is Audio Wikinews News Briefs. Contents 1 Headlines 1.1 Passenger airplane crashes in Siberia 1.2 India successfully test-fires Agni-III missile 1.3 Communal tensions rise in Mumbai as Shiv Sainiks protest desecration of statue 1.4 Belated New Jersey budget passes, ending most of the shutdown […]

Can Training Leadership Be Beneficial To Everyone?

See More About: Financial Strategy Best Financial Advice By Chris D’Cruz It is easy to explain what a good leader should be and what leadership qualities he should have in him but it is not that easy to practice them in a real life scenario. Every person cannot be a leader and every leader may […]

The Unique Benefits Leasing And Buying Vehicles Offers Individuals

See More About: Gps Tracker Ezy 2c The Unique Benefits Leasing and Buying Vehicles offers Individuals by naomichampy Some people want to own their own vehicles, while others prefer to lease. Whichever option you choose, there are reputable dealerships that can help you make the right decision. Each option offers its own unique benefits. For […]

Volkswagen emissions scandal may affect thousands more cars

Wednesday, November 4, 2015  The Volkswagen emissions scandal continued yesterday with the company announcing 800,000 mainly diesel vehicles may also be affected by carbon dioxide emissions problems. The company stated “the safety of the vehicles is in no way compromised”. They estimated potentially this could cost them €2bn on top of the €6.7bn set aside […]

UK company “seriously considering” GPS tracking devices in school uniforms

Saturday, August 25, 2007  The leading supplier of school uniforms in the United Kingdom, Lancashire-based manufacturer Trutex, has announced it is “seriously considering” including GPS tracking devices in future ranges of its uniform products after conducting an online survey of both parents and children. “As a direct result of the survey, we are now seriously […]

Outdoor Furniture Cushion Replacement

Outdoor Furniture Cushion Replacement by Percy Webb They won\\’t spring back into place whenever you get up, but instead, remain sunken. If you would like patio furniture replacement seat coverings, know that there is plenty of selection. The primary stop, of course, is your local home improvement retail store or patio store. If you have […]

Comments from feedback form – “What do you think of this page…”

BKCW8: As someone who’s primarily a reader, I don’t know how this community works– but let me assure you I was completely serious. Actually, the first line alone is ridiculous, ignoring the sheer surreality of the rest of the tirade directed at an anonymous user who arguably did not deserve a single jot of his […]