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A playschool is meant for kids under the age of 5 and is primarily aimed at providing quality education for kindergarten kids. So if you love kids then starting a playschool may be a good idea. – See more at: http://bangalore.citizenmatters.in/articles/3686-quick-guide-to-starting-a-playschool#sthash.qwWCokkq.dpuf

You get a high degree of satisfaction working with kids and contributing to their growth and development. You help nurture a positive environment for kids where their physical and mental growth takes place seamlesslyTo attract kids and parents a playschool should be colorful and the ambience joyful. For this consider Colorful children furniture like plastic chairs, tables, and play equipments like rockers, slide etc.

Also book racks, wall hangings and staff furniture needs to be considered. Indoor activity games like puzzles, towers, alphabets and other board games. Art craft supplies like finger paints, clay, ribbon, glitter, paint brushes etc Office supplies like pencils, pens, and stationeries like CD’s, bags, markers etc. All these are subjected to your budgetary limits. You can start small and expand later. Facilities like lunch, transportation, full day care etc can be added later.

You can follow the Montessori Method of education. The Montessori Method of education is a methodology emphasising the natural learning of children and focuses both on social interaction and academics. There are other less popular education methods too like Reggio Emilia Approach and Waldorf education. – See more at: http://bangalore.citizenmatters.in/articles/3686-quick-guide-to-starting-a-playschool#sthash.qwWCokkq.dpuf

For choosing a good curriculum you can get the advice of playschool consultants, pre-school teachers or owners of established playschools. – See more at: http://bangalore.citizenmatters.in/articles/3686-quick-guide-to-starting-a-playschool#sthash.qwWCokkq.dpuf

Kinderdance programs blend educational concepts with various forms of movement, dance, and gymnastics. The programs help develop gross motor skills, movement creativity, fitness, and body awareness. Each class is taught using lesson plans which incorporate original and traditional age-appropriate music and songs.

Kinderdance offers six programs specially designed for children aged 2 – 12 years.

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Kinder (Dance with Me) (15 – 24 Months)

Its curriculum offers age appropriate exposure to developmental milestones through dance and sensory-motor activities while nurturing the bond between caregiver and child. Caregivers participate and learn to facilitate the natural exploration and progression of motor development through play, laying the groundwork for academic success as the child grows.

Kindertots (age 2)

is designed to develop the total child through gross motor skills, movement creativity, physical development and body awareness while learning numbers, colors, shapes and songs.

Kinderdance (ages 3-5)

is a developmental dance, motor development and fitness program taught on 3 levels, teaching the basics of Ballet,

Tap, Acrobatics and Creative Movement while blending educational concepts.

Kindergym ( ages 3-5)

is a developmental floor gymnastics program with emphasis on fun, social and gross motor development, physical fitness and movement education while learning numbers, colors, shapes and words.

Kindermotion ( ages 3 -12)

is a developmentally designed education through motor skills, physical development, fitness, nutrition and imagery program which prepares students’ minds and bodies for athletic and academic pursuits.

Kindercombo (ages 6 – 8)

is a developmentally designed combination Ballet, Tap, Modern Dance, and Fitness program. This gives the young dance student a healthy and solid foundation upon which to build.

Getting Started

Since a Kinderdance franchise does not require real estate, construction or a large capital investment, you should actually be in business within a short time after completing your training at Kinderdance Headquarters.

Additional Benefits

You have the exclusive rights (with other Kinderdance franchisees) to use our copyrighted and trademark protected procedures, routines, marketing techniques, music, and other proprietary information so long as you are an authorized Kinderdance franchisee in good standing.

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