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Breast Cancer And Physical Exercises:

Breast Cancer and Physical Exercises:



Breast cancer commonly affects most of the women s. In every year world wide estimated 1 million cases diagnosed for breast cancer. Many chances are there for inflicted with breast cancer to someone you know or your loved one. The past 15 years the breast cancer death is controlled and it comes 2.3% per year.

Best Types of Physical Exercises:

All leisure type of physical exercises is best for breast cancer. The exercises like gardening dragging or climbing stairs and walking the dog. In addition, the aerobic and resistance mixture exercises are controlled the breast cancer s development. In the use of occupational physical activity, 30% of the breast cancer risk reduced for pri, peri and post-menopausal women. A favorable correlation appears between the total physical activity and breast cancer risk. You are increase your physical exercise activity means automatically the breast cancer will decrease. You want best result of physical activity means do every week minimum 4 hours of leisure or occupational activity at a moderate intensity level. The main thing to reduce risk factor is required structured or unstructured exercise for everyday. The direct impacts on breast cancer developing risk is how much you eat, move and overall body fat.

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BMI, Body Fat, Food:

Some of the negative impacts are there for development of breast cancer that is high body fat and BMI. The body fat increased from the following factors, obesity and weight gain. Every 5 kgs of weight increases from the adult weight means 8% of breast cancer risk also increased automatically. A woman doing physical exercise or sports means she is having small amount of risk for developing breast cancer compared with ordinary women. Moreover, a women having high BMI means she is having a high level of risk for developing breast cancer. One research results tells, the women is having high BMI, she is doing lower amount of physical exercises or higher energy intake had means she is having a risk of developing breast cancer approx. 1.5 to almost two times the risk compared with a women doing regular physical activity, lower BMI and she ate less amount of food.

We are getting the solution!

Maybe we are getting the solution. Past 15 years the prevalence of breast cancer has decreased, the decreasing factor having many reasons they are treatment protocols, early detection and lifestyle modifications. The majority of people not having obesity, weight gain, diabetes on the rise and insulin-resistance because these people do their regular physical exercises regularly. The moderate food and regular physical exercise not gives the guarantees, but these things gives protection. The regular physical exercises and food control is the must one to decrease breast cancer, you are not following these things means start today and control your breast cancer.

What can you do?

You are following the below things and control breast cancer. Walking 3 to 4 days per week (not slow walking, walk fast or up a hill). You are ready to buy a dumbbells or rubber tubing means purchase and do the toning exercises. You are choosing the positive lifestyle means it decrease the risk of developing breast cancer. Finally, the physical exercise is the main factor for controlling the breast cancer.

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Historic gym the site of Benet Academy, Illinois victory over Oswego

Monday, January 18, 2010 

The Benet Academy Redwings boys basketball team defeated the Oswego High School Panthers 40–34 Saturday night at Benet’s historic Alumni Gym. 

Located at Lisle, Illinois, United States, the gymnasium is home to Benet’s winning streak of 102 consecutive home games. The statewide record lasted from November 26, 1975 until January 24, 1987, when Naperville North High School defeated the Redwings 47–46. Benet also achieved 96 consecutive victories in the Western Suburban Catholic Conference at that time. 

The school continued to use the facility, colloquially referred to as the “Old Gym” or the “Small Gym”, until the end of the 1994 season, when a newer athletic center was built on campus. It wasn’t until the late 1990’s when then-coach Marty Gaughan decided to play one game per year in the Alumni Gym to remind the school of its history. “There is just an electricity, and you feel it when you are in there,” said Gaughan, who coached the team from the 1989–1990 season to the 2007–2008 season. 

This tradition continued until the 2006–2007 season, when the Redwings played against long-time rival St. Francis High School. Renovations prevented the gym from being used for athletic events over the past two seasons. This game was Benet coach Gene Heidkamp’s first opportunity to coach in the older gym. “So much history and winning has taken place there, which makes it so special. It is something the entire school community is excited about,” said Heidkamp. 

Saturday’s game was played at the Alumni Gym at the request of Oswego assistant coach Jim Bagley. He wanted his son, senior forward Chris Bagley, to experience the same atmosphere he had as he played for Benet in the 1978–1979 season. Greg Kwiatkowski was also Jim Bagley’s teammate in Benet, and his son, Joe Kwiatkowski, was in the Panthers’ starting lineup as well. “Two of us who played at Benet together and now our son’s play on [Oswego] together and for them to have a chance to play where we played is going to be a great night and great experience,” said the senior Bagley. 

Alumni Gym apparently still had its charm in the second half for the Redwings, whose 15–17 score at halftime worsened into an 11-point deficit in the third quarter. Benet fell behind with a score of 21–29 at the start of the fourth quarter. From that point, the Redwings’ defense began to kick in. Oswego could make only 2 of its 13 field goals in the third quarter. Benet’s offense also gained momentum as center Frank Kaminsky scored all of his 9 points in the fourth quarter. A shot by senior Mike Runger brought the score to 31–31, and two consecutive driving layups by David Sobolewski gave Benet the lead that would last for the rest of the game. 

“We hit a dry spell there, but let’s give credit where credit is due. Defense wins games and they are the best defensive team we’ve faced all year,” said Oswego coach Kevin Schnable.

Benet’s Matt Parisi led his team with 15 points, and Sobolewski scored 12. Oswego’s Andrew Ziemnik also scored 12. 

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US pool player Wade Crane dies in car accident age 66

Thursday, December 30, 2010 

US professional pool player Wade Crane has died after a one-car accident in Tennessee, USA. He was 66 years old. Crane’s Volkswagen crossed three lanes of traffic into the concrete retaining wall, then bounced back across five more lanes of traffic into another retaining wall.

It is believed that Crane suffered from an undiagnosed medical condition. News of the crash was broken by The Knoxville News Sentinel.

Crane was a former world champion of both 9-ball and 8-ball pool. A self-taught player, for 21 years he was the only person in pool history to shoot a perfect score in the finals of a major tournament.

Fellow pool players including Nick Varner, Johnny Archer, and Shannon Daulton paid tribute to Crane.

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Thai government drops origami cranes as message of peace

Sunday, December 5, 2004 

BANGKOK – Millions of origami cranes have been dropped on Thailand’s three southern provinces following violence between the government and ethnic minority Muslim populations. The move has been called a “goodwill gesture” towards Muslims.

Up to 120 million such paper sculptures were dropped on Thailand’s three southern-most provinces, Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala. Tensions in this area have increased recently, peaking with the recent death of 85 demonstrators arrested during a protest. The government blamed their deaths on physical weakness due to fasting in the month of Ramadan as the cause, as most if not all the deaths occurred during transport of up to 500 arrested protestors. Critics of the Thai government have called for the resignation of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, blaming the “over-eagerness” of Thai security forces as the cause of the deaths.

The dispersal was timed to coincide with the birthday of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej, and has generated much interest from the rest of the country’s predominantly Buddhist population. The cranes were built by citizens throughout Thailand and had peace messages written on them. The southern, Muslim provinces are often considered neglected by a north that is larger and of the majority ethnic group. Some have welcomed the goodwill gesture, but critics in both the north and south have said that the resources would have been better spent solving the problems in the south. Some Islamic leaders in the south have also expressed concerns that the gesture may not be properly understood by Muslims, as the crane carries no cultural significance with them.

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Jun 30

Helping Clients Protect Their Financial Future Through Estate Planning Trust Building Solutions

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When you ve spent a significant portion of time working to build up a large amount of wealth, protection of that wealth through an estate planning trust structure should be a priority. With that in mind, many people are now looking to speak with specialists who can protect their estates for a secure financial future. One particular company and their associates have spent 36 years in this field and in that time have assisted thousands of clients across the country to protect and preserve over $5 Billion dollars in wealth.

Casper P. Connolly & Associates has become one of the leading specialists in North America when it comes to wealth preservation and various forms of estate planning trust creation. One of the main reasons that customers choose the company over others in the field is the confidence of knowing they re working with an organization that has reviewed over 1000 estate planning trust structures within their history. This depth of background means that Casper P. Connolly and Associates have the experience to build a fortified trust that provides complete wealth protection for those that are looking to secure their financial future.

One of the expert services provided by this industry-leading financial services specialist is their estate planning trust analysis. As previously mentioned, Casper P. Connolly& Associates experts have reviewed over 1000 estate planning trusts. One of the common denominators within the plans that they ve reviewed is that each provided little or no protection under the law. The reason that so many clients were utilizing such poorly structured trust and limited liability company vehicles is a lack of education on complex financial planning matters, and this is where Casper P. Connolly & Associates financial solutions experts can help guide each of their clients.

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Casper P. Connolly s team of specialists use the information and client documents provided to them to create a professionally written analysis that includes recommendations as to what the best course of action would be in order to meet their current and future personal, family and business financial needs.

Another area in which the company specializes is business succession plan creation. It is widely known that many small businesses owners have not prepared their companies for a transition to a new owner. In fact, a 2005 survey conducted by Price Waterhouse Cooper found that only 22% of American small business owners reported conducting even minimal succession planning. Casper P .Connolly & Associates can create a succession plan that includes a facility for the safe transition of small businesses to the client s successor, thus preventing the type of fire-sale that often consumes the companies of business owners that don t build a fortified business succession plan.

Unlike many specialists in the field who are simply looking out for their bottom line, Casper P. Connolly & Associates will provide their prospective clients with a free 20-minute consultation to ensure that the client s financial future is protected for the long term. For those that have a moderate to large estate to protect, tomorrow could be too late to plan. Begin today by contacting the specialists at Casper P. Connolly & Associates for a free consultation.

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US stock markets tumble on ‘Black Monday’ anniversary

Saturday, October 20, 2007 

Some say history tends to repeat itself. Today marked a day in history, when 20 years ago, the United States Dow Jones Industrial Average market crashed, on what is known as ‘Black Monday’. The crash sent the market tumbling down 508 points, losing nearly 24%. On Friday, the Dow Jones nearly broke that record when the market closed at -366.94 points, down almost three percent.

Several factors could be to blame for the loss, one being Turkey’s government approving a measure on October 18 to send Turkish troops into Iraq in an attempt to take out militants of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). This sent oil prices skyrocketing to the highest prices in history, with the highest record being just over US$89.00, which was set on October 18.

Fears that the housing market in the U.S. has come to a standstill has also lead Caterpillar Inc., which manufactures and sells construction equipment to issue a warning that the standstill would cause profits to drop, and the American economy to be severely hurt. On Friday their stocks lost nearly six percent to close at $73.57.

Investors and experts of the markets are disturbed by the losses calling the situation ugly.

“It’s pretty ugly. A company like Caterpillar should be a poster child for global growth and benefits of the weak dollar. It makes you question: Is global growth really that strong? Has the earnings kick from the weak dollar played itself out?” said Bell Curve Trading chief strategy expert, Bill Strazzullo.

Others believe that the losses were a way of emotionally responding to the events of ‘Black Monday.’

“Some of the earnings reports were a little disappointing but not that bad. I think we’re responding emotionally to the 20th anniversary of the October 1987 stock market crash. I’d like to laugh except it hurts,” said T Rowe Price Head trader, Andy Brooks.

The NASDAQ also took heavy losses to close down 74.15 points or -2.64%, closing at 2,725.16. The S&P 500 was also hit hard, losing 39.45 points, or -2.56%, closing at 1,500.63.

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Jun 30

Scugog flag controversy comes to an end

Friday, September 1, 2006 

The Scugog flag controversy has now came to an end. The controversy began when councillor Lynn Philip Hodgson lowered the town hall flag out of respect for a fallen Canadian soldier.

Rather than an issue of patriotism, the controversy dealt with union contracts which may have specified that the raising and lowering of flags was a role reserved only for union members.

Liz Drebit, CUPE Local 1785-01 unit chairman, said she is “extremely upset by the spin that portrayed the grievance as a lack of respect for fallen Canadian soldiers”. “My apologies to the Legion. Never ever did we have any intent to cause them any distress, and pain, any suffering because of this,” she said.

“I thought I was doing the right thing at the time and I still think I did,” Hodgson said yesterday.

“The public reaction to the lowering of the flag in a timely manner needs to be addressed,” said Drebit.

The union dropped the grievance and said it was all a “misunderstanding.”

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Design And Printing Considerations In Brochure Printing

Submitted by: Robert Johnston

When you talk about promotional brochures, the first thing that probably comes to mind is they are conventional and obsolete. There are more high tech and astonishing marketing pieces today that will help put your business on top of people s mind. But when you look at the market visibility and longevity of quality brochure printing, you will realize just how ideal it is in terms of getting a guaranteed long-term market exposure. Of course, it s necessary to make your brochure extraordinary so they will stand out and generate a lasting impression.

When creating custom brochures, there are actually several factors to consider. You can t just put in together any design that you like. You still have to think of your target audience. Since they will be the ones who will be using your material, you have to come up with a design that will appeal to them. Among the design and printing considerations you need to be aware of are as follows:

Customization options

There are templates available online which you can download for free. These templates will allow you to design your material effortlessly, however, the design you will create will look generic so it s likely that your brochure will look like others. For uniqueness and visibility purposes, opting for a custom design is a better option. You can decide to create your own design so you can give your material a unique look. You can also ask assistance from a competent graphic designer for your custom design. With dazzling artworks, vivid colors, and unique layout, you are sure to create the distinct brochure that will represent you and your business effectively.

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Material choices

The materials you use on your brochure will have a direct effect on its quality. For this reason, it is crucial that you carefully pick the materials to use. The paper stock, in particular, has to be well chosen. You have to ensure it is durable, thick, and high grade so it doesn t tear or crumple easily. You always have to option of going for glossy paper but that will cost you extra, so make sure you have the budget for it.

The kind of ink you use will also affect the overall quality of the color brochure. If you want to save money, you can decide to use a single tone of color, but if you have extra budget, go for a colorful variation.

Delivery time

It s always wiser to order your materials ahead of time rather than wait for the last minute. Rush printing will cost you more, so if you don t want unnecessary charges, make sure to order much earlier. Be sure to ask the printing company for their turnaround time so you can effectively budget your time.

Professional help

Working with a professional printer will guarantee you good results. If you are not an experienced printer and you don t have a good printing machine, it s best to leave the print job in the hands of the experts. Look for a reputable brochure printing company that will help provide an edge to your brochure. Remember there are plenty of choices in printers these days; be sure to make the right choice.

If you take into consideration these factors, you can easily strike a balance between quality and cost. Brochures may be conventional materials but if well designed and printed they will bring you good visibility which later on can translate into sales and profits.

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Jun 29

Chinese hostage rescued in the Philippines

Tuesday, July 6, 2010 

A Filipino police official said that Xili Wu, a Chinese buinessman held by al-Qaida-linked militants on a southern island for one and a half years, has been rescued.

Amil Banaan, Chief Inspector of Sulu provincial police, says Wu was under the name Peter Go to hide his illegal status in the country before he was kidnapped by a terrorist organisation, the Abu Sayyaf.

The police said the Abu Sayyaf abducted Wu in 2008, from his appliance store in Jolo township that he had opened after immigrating from China.

The police claimed that no people were hurt during the fight between them and the Abu Sayyaf that took place during the rescue operation.

The Abu Sayyaf group is on the US government’s list of foreign terrorist organisations and is well known for staging kidnappings for ransom in the Southern Philippines.

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Jun 29

Frenchman climbs skyscraper in 20 minutes without any equipment

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 

48-year old Alain Robert, affectionately known as the ‘French Spiderman’, has climbed a 57-storey {[w|Sydney}} skyscraper without any equipment in 20 minutes. The purpose of Alain Robert’s actions was to raise awareness of global warming. Following the previous like events in other cities, he was arrested and will possibly be fined.

When Robert was 12, he climbed eight storeys to get into his flat instead of waiting for his parents to return. Since then, he has climbed over eighty buildings around the world, including the Eiffel Tower, The New York Times building, and Sydney Harbour Bridge. His hobby has, however, led to him being arrested and fined on multiple occasions—he was fined USD 750 after climbing the 41-storey Royal Bank of Scotland building in central Sydney.

His most recent climb, which he completed in twenty minutes, began at the bottom of the Lumiere building in Bathurst Street at 10:30am AEST on Monday morning. About 100 passers-by gathered to watch Robert, dressed in red trousers, a grey top, and a baseball cap, climb the building. Eleven-year-old Rachel Pepper was surprised when he saw Robert, who suffers from permanent vertigo after two accidents in 1982. “I think it’s amazing to climb that high without falling. He’s got superhuman strength.” His mother Wendy Pepper agreed, “It was a nice surprise when we turned the corner and got to see him.”

Upon reaching the top of the building, the Frenchman unfurled a banner advertising the website of The One Hundred Months campaign, which argues that 100 months after August 2008, climate change will reach an irreversible point, as onlookers applauded his feat. Robert was subsequently taken into custody at the top of the skyscraper, and charged with trespassing. Robert was granted conditional bail to appear at the Downing Centre Local Court on Friday. Robert’s agent, Max Markson, described the climb as a “wonderful achievement. He’s the best at what he does. I’m sad he’s been arrested, but hopefully he’ll get out soon.”

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