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What Is Involved In An Mot Test?

What is Involved in an MOT Test?



Once your car reaches the ripe old age of three it is time to start taking it for MOT tests. An MOT is basically an inspection of your car by a registered mechanic that ensures that it is safe to use on the roads. In order to receive a pass, and an MOT certificate, your car will need to pass certain guidelines which we will discuss below. Many of the things on the list can be checked and serviced before you take your car in for an MOT and this is always advisable unless you want to risk your car failing and then having to reschedule.

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What Is Checked in an MOT Test? In order for your car to pass its MOT, the following need to be present and/or fully functioning: * Registration Plate – this needs to be clearly visible and firmly attached. * Vehicle Identification Number – this too needs to be clearly visible and easy to read. Your vehicle’s identification number will be present on your car in numerous places; all of these need to match – there will usually be no need to check this unless you bought your car in dodgy circumstances. * Windscreen – this should not have any cracks on it that could obscure vision. Small cracks are usually ignored. * Lights – these should not only work correctly but they should be the right colour. Your headlights should also be aiming correctly. * Seatbelts – these should be available in both the front and back of the car and all should work correctly. Your seats will also be checked to ensure that they are secure. * Doors – these must be able to be opened and closed easily and be securely fastened when shut. * Tyres – these should be the correct size, be in good condition and have a tread depth that is over 1.6mm. * Brakes – these should function correctly and not be loose * Exhaust – this should not be faulty or leak * Bodywork – this should be free from damage, corrosion and sharp edges * Horn – this should work correctly – bear in mind that novelty horns will usually not pass an MOT test. * Mirrors – these should be secure and in good condition.



is a relatively straightforward procedure and if all of the above are in good, working order you shouldn’t have a problem.  Auto Care UK are a reputable company who can guide you through the process and help to ensure your car passes with flying colours.

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