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The Janitor Service Boise For Clean Living!


Would you shop at a business that has dirt and scum all over the walls and floors? Of course not, so that is why it is important to keep your business clean for the customers. Most business owners are too busy to tend to scrubbing and mopping, so they need to hire a cleaning company to come out on a regular basis to take car of those things. By hiring the best Janitor Service Boise you will not have to worry about keeping the business clean and sparkling, because the janitorial service will do it for you.

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Comprehensive restoration services are also offered by the best Janitor Service Boise. These services include mold remediation, smoke and fire restoration, and water damage restoration. When you have a disaster, your janitor servicecan minimize interruptions to your business by wasting no time in analyzing the problem and assessing the damage to determine which services are required for total restoration. The service technicians will review everything with the insurance adjuster to avoid surprises. The job will be finished on time complete with follow up for your total satisfaction.

You can set up a cleaning schedule with the janitor service so that you never have to worry about cleaning again. Plus you can order both commercial and residential cleaning services to meet your needs. You can order vacuuming along with floor maintenance as well as cleaning and waxing for hard surface floors. You may also order window cleaning and any detailed specialty cleaning you may desire. Give the janitors a call today to help you clean up your act!

Nov 07

Claims from British quake may run into “low tens of millions of pounds” – Insurance association reps

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Representatives from the British insurance industry have said that the cost of the earthquake which hit Britain early yesterday could be over 10 million GBP. The Association of British Insurers has said in a statement that the cost for the earthquake is “likely to run into the low tens of millions of pounds.”

The Senior claims manager at the UK bank Norwich Union has described the damage by saying that at the moment most insurance claims regarding the earthquake describe “minor damage such as tiles off roofs, breakages inside the homes and brick walls collapsing.” It has also been reported that approximately 1,200 insurance claims were made in the first twelve hours after the earthquake hit Britain.

These reports come one day after the United Kingdom was hit by a 5.2 earthquake. Tremors were reported as widespread as Edinburgh, Manchester, Sheffield, Middlesbrough, Cambridge, London, Birmingham and Southampton .

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Nov 07

Sweden’s Crown Princess marries long-time boyfriend

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweden’s first royal wedding since 1976 took place Saturday when Crown Princess Victoria, 32, married her long-time boyfriend and former personal trainer, Daniel Westling, 36. The ceremony took place at Stockholm Cathedral.

Over 1,200 guests, including many rulers, politicians, royals and other dignitaries from across the world, attended the wedding, which cost an estimated 20 million Swedish kronor. Victoria wore a wedding dress with five-metre long train designed by Pär Engsheden. She wore the same crown that her mother, Queen Silvia, wore on her wedding day 34 years previously, also on June 19. Victoria’s father, King Carl XVI Gustaf, walked Victoria down the aisle, which was deemed untraditional by many. In Sweden, the bride and groom usually walk down the aisle together, emphasising the country’s views on equality. Victoria met with Daniel half-way to the altar, where they exchanged brief kisses, and, to the sounds of the wedding march, made their way to the the silver altar. She was followed by ten bridesmaids. The couple both had tears in their eyes as they said their vows, and apart from fumbling when they exchanged rings, the ceremony went smoothly.

Following the ceremony, the couple headed a fast-paced procession through central Stockholm on a horse-drawn carriage, flanked by police and security. Up to 500,000 people are thought to have lined the streets. They then boarded the Vasaorden, the same royal barge Victoria’s parents used in their wedding, and traveled through Stockholm’s waters, accompanied by flyover of 18 fighter jets near the end of the procession. A wedding banquet followed in the in the Hall of State of the Royal Palace.

Controversy has surrounded the engagement and wedding between the Crown Princess and Westling, a “commoner”. Victoria met Westling as she was recovering from bulemia in 2002. He owned a chain of gymnasiums and was brought in to help bring Victoria back to full health. Westling was raised in a middle-class family in Ockelbo, in central Sweden. His father managed a social services centre, and his mother worked in a post office. When the relationship was made public, Westling was mocked as an outsider and the king was reportedly horrified at the thought of his daughter marrying a “commoner”, even though he did so when he married Silvia. Last year, Westling underwent transplant surgery for a congenital kidney disorder. The Swedish public have been assured that he will be able to have children and that his illness will not be passed on to his offspring.

Westling underwent years of training to prepare for his new role in the royal family, including lessons in etiquette, elocution, and multi-lingual small talk; and a makeover that saw his hair being cropped short, and his plain-looking glasses and clothes being replaced by designer-wear.

Upon marrying the Crown Princess, Westling took his wife’s ducal title and is granted the style “His Royal Highness”. He is now known as HRH Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland. He also has his own coat-of-arms and monogram. When Victoria assumes the throne and becomes Queen, Daniel will not become King, but assume a supportive role, similar to that of Prince Phillip, the husband of the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II.

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Nov 06

Vietnamese police blamed for deaths of over 100 political protesters

Saturday, July 21, 2007

An eyewitness report coming out of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam claims that police in Ho Chi Minh City have detained about 200 political protesters and are being blamed for the deaths of over 100. Farmers were protesting against the government’s seizure of land and for “free expression.”

The protesters peacefully demonstrated outside of a government office on Wednesday, June 27 for the Vietnamese government to return property it has seized and occupied since late 1975, when the South Vietnamese government capitulated. Vietnamese living in the United States are holding memorial services on Sunday, July 22 in a number of cemeteries and memorials that focus on the Vietnam War.

“The crackdown on this demonstration shows Hanoi continues to curtail people’s rights. If Vietnam really has joined the community of nations, it should tolerate dissent, not crush it,” said deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch, Sophie Richardson.

Thus far, the Vietnamese government has denied all allegations, stating that they did not detain any of the protesters, that no one was harmed, and that the protesters returned to their homes peacefully and of their own will. However, several Vietnamese in the country have been unable to contact family members who were part of the demonstration.

A Wikinewsie personally witnessed the police roundup of the demonstrators while on the way to a shop near the airport. He claims police began using nets to capture and drag the protesters away, before throwing them in the back of a Vietnamese military vehicle.

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Nov 06

Facial Changes As A Result Of Palatal Expansion In Adult Patients Using The Homeoblock Appliance}

Submitted by: Theodore Belfor


Palatal expansion in adult patients is a relatively new concept. Ever since Grays Anatomy the bible for dental students studying anatomy, we all believed that the cranial sutures fuse solid when we become non-growing adults. In an interview for Dental Press Magazine of Orthodontic and Facial Orthopedics in 2002, Donald H Enlow, author of three books on Cranium Facial Growth and 170 scientific articles, Dr Enlow, when queried Is there any craniofacial growth after 20 years of age? Answered,yes. Futhermore, he states, A capacity for facial remodeling in adults is retained throughout life. He also states,We must utilize three-dimensional evaluation based on an individuals actual growth and development. The Homeoblock functional appliance produces noticeable facial changes in adult patients in four to six months. We have viewed these changes in three-dimensions using stereophotogrammetry. In an article published Quantification of facial morphology using stereophotogrammetry–demonstration of a new concept. It is concluded that stereophotogrammetry is a suitable 3-D registration method for quantifying and detecting developmental changes in facial morphology. (1)


Maxillary arch changes using the Homeoblock appliance have been reported and published in the Functional Orthodontist (2). The purpose of this paper is to look more closely at the facial changes that occur when we remodel the maxillary dental arch wider in the course of palatal expansion. To observe and understand these changes a review of the anatomy of the region is included.

Zygomatic bone (green)

Maxilla (orange)

Malar bone (in contact with the temporal frontal sphenoid and maxilla) (beige)

Four muscles from left to right

Zygomaticus majo

Zygomaticus mino

Levato Labii Superiorus

Obicularis Oris

Looking at the anatomy of the area we can see how the remodeling of the maxilla can easily affect the malar and the zygomatic bones. Since the muscle attachments are on the bone we can see how the muscles which insert into the muscle and soft tissue around the mouth can also affect the fullness of the lips. Optimal development of the lateral aspects of the face especially the malar and zygomatic bones make it easier for the patient to smile. The paper will examine three dimensional images of patients, pre and post treatment with the Homeoblock appliance. We choose the profile view to illustrate the changes most clearly. It is concluded that the Homeoblock appliance creates observable changes around the eyes, in the area of the cheekbone and around the mouth.

Case Reports

Patient A

The first patient is a sixty year old female that presented to the office for teeth straightening, and porcelain laminate veneers. A three-dimensional Stereophotogrammetry image was taken using a 3dMD facial capture system.

The pre and post photos clearly show changes around the eyes, at the area of the cheekbones and around the mouth consistent with remodeling the underlying maxillary and zygomatic bone structures wider.

YouTube Preview Image

Patient B

The second patient a fifty year old female was treated six months with a Homeoblock appliance to reduce age lines in the face. Stereophotogrammetry images were taken pre and post treatment. The photos were then evaluated using the 3dMD facial capture software to evaluate the changes that occurred.

Pre and post profile

3dMD software was used to evaluate facial changes. An increase in facial width of almost 4 millimeters was observed.

Pre and post full face photos

Pre and post intra oral photos showing the Homeoblock appliance in place.

Patient C

The third patient is a thirty-six year old female that presented to the office for teeth straightening with the Homeoblock appliance. She was treated for thirty months wearing the appliance in the night time only to straighten her upper and lower teeth.

Pre and post profile after six months of treatment

A full face view that superimposes the post face over the pre face photos are used to illustrate where the development took place in the purple color.

Intra oral pre and post photos showing completed treatment with the Homeoblock appliance


The issue of facial esthetics and functional orthodontics is very timely. There is a growing focus on esthetics, which needs to be balanced with good functional outcomes. The Homeoblock appliance has several components in combination, including a base-plate with a unilateral bite block and a mid-line expansion screw. We postulate that the unilateral bite block exerts cyclic, intermittent forces on the periodontium of the associated teeth during function (such as swallowing during sleep). These forces are detected by mechanoreceptors on the cell surfaces of the periodontal and periosteal cells. Due to signal transduction(3), a cascade of events is initiated, resulting in gene transcription and mRNA biosynthesis(4). Downstream, osteogenic cells are activated, and adapting to the axial forces, remodeling occurs. The change in vertical dimension (opening the bite) affects also the spatial relations of the contra-lateral teeth(5), which have lost their normal occlusal contacts. These changes are also detected by receptors in their periodontal and periosteal cells. Consequently, remodeling occurs due to signal transduction, adapting to decreased forces in accord with the functional matrix hypothesis(6-7).

The Homeoblock appliance has also a base-plate that does not contact the palatal vault. Consequently, swallowing of saliva creates a relative negative pressure between the palatal mucosa and the fitting surface of the device. As the dorsal surface of the tongue exerts forces on the polished surface of the device during swallowing, tension is exerted on the mucoperiosteum of the hard palate and the midpalatal suture is separated. Thus, the developmental mechanisms of sutural homeostasis are activated(8). Despite the fact that most osteogenic activity is normally observed during early to late childhood, it is now understood that palatal, maxillary and circum-maxillary sutures retain biosynthetic potential into late adulthood (9), and it is possible that mechanical stimuli up-regulate genes that are not typically expressed during normal development(10). It is postulated that the Homeoblock device maintains physiologic forces on the midpalatal suture, resulting in slow expansion (250m per week). Recent research suggests that a sutural width >300m results in bone deposition(11) while a sutural width

2. Singh GD, Diaz J, Busquets-Vaello C, Belfor TR. Soft tissue facial changes following treatment with a removable orthodontic appliance in adults. Funct Orthod. 2004;21(3):18-23.


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18. Belfor TR, Singh GD. Treating malocclusions and improving orofacial form and function in adults. J Amer Acad Gnathol Orthop 2005;22(1), 14-17.


About the Author: Dr. Theodore R. Belfor graduated from New York University College of Dentistry in 1966 and has been in private practice for 40 years.He has been published in CRANIO, The New York State Dental Journal, Philippine Journal of Orthodontics, Indian Dentist, Dental News (Lebanon), Novoe V Stomatologii (Russia), APEX (UK), The Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry, Aesthetic Dentistry Today, Dentistry Today, The Journal for the American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopedics, The Functional Orthodontist, International Journal for Orthodontics, Sleep Diagnosis and Therapy, Anti-Aging and Cosmetic Surgery Magazine. For more information visit website:


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Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs gives opening keynote to WWDC 2005

Monday, June 6, 2005

Apple Computer CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs gave his annual opening keynote to the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) at Moscone Center in San Francisco, California on Monday. He announced a seamless integration of podcasting with iTunes, and, to the amazement of many, that future Apple Macintosh computers will feature Intel processors.

Jobs welcomed everyone to the event and announced that there were 3,800 attendees. There are 500 Apple engineers at what is their largest developers conference in the past decade. There are over 500,000 developers of Apple programs (apps). Jobs said that Apple has 109 retail stores, with one million visitors per week, creating over $500 million yearly in revenue. The Mac market share is up 82% from 9 months ago.

Jobs then moved on to talk about a very anticipated announcement- Podcasting. Steve called podcasting “Wayne’s World for radio”. He called it the “hottest thing going in radio”, and, “exciting”. There are over 8,000 podcasts. Steve Jobs announced that automatic podcasting subscription would be built in to iTunes and iPod seamlessly. He also announced that QuickTime 7 would be soon available for Windows.

Moving on, Jobs announced that there have been 2 million copies of Tiger sold in the 6 weeks that it has been available. He demoed the Wikipedia Dashboard widget. Steve announced that Mac OS X Leopard would be released in 2007, the same time as Microsoft’s Longhorn.

In a surprising move, Steve Jobs announced that Macintosh computers would begin to be shipped with Intel processors, the same as in Windows machines, ending the eleven year partnership with IBM and Motorola. This is said to be out of Apple’s increasing frustration at IBM’s inability to deliver faster and cooler processors, though it is interesting to note that Intel has recently added Digital Rights/Restrictions Management (DRM) to its latest processors. This ‘switch’, he said, would happen beginning next year. Jobs said that Mac OS X has had “a secret double life” and OS X had “been compiled [for Intel processors] for five years.” He talked about the easiness for developers to port their Mac apps to Intel (x86) processors. Current PowerPC programs can be run on Intel processors due to a new Apple technology. He said that Apple is “getting ready” for the transition from PowerPC to Intel.

This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page and notes page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page and notes page for more details.
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Nov 05

Six arrested in plot against US army base in New Jersey

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Federal investigators in the United States have arrested six men on Monday evening on charges of conspiracy to kill US servicemembers. The men are alleged to be members of an Islamic radical terror cell who were planning a heavily armed attack against soldiers at the United States Army facility at Fort Dix in New Jersey.

The US Attorney’s Office said that some of the men were living illegally in the US, while others were legal immigrants. It identified the men as Dritan Duka, Eljvir Duka, Shain Duka, Serdar Tatar, Mohamad Shnewer and Agron Abdullahu. They were said to be four ethnic Albanians (from the former Yugoslavia), one from Turkey, and the sixth man from Jordan.

Reportedly, the FBI had the men under surveillance for 16 months as they trained with both paintball guns and real weapons in the Poconos Mountains area of Pennsylvania. The men video-taped their training and brought the tapes to a camera store to be copied to DVD. The camera store owner alerted the FBI, which then began its investigation.

The Star-Ledger reports that the men were lured by an FBI informant into a sting operation to meet with an arms dealer where they wanted to purchase five AK-47 automatic machine guns and three M-16 assault rifles at a residence in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It was at this point they were arrested.

U.S. Attorney for New Jersey Christopher J. Christie called the camera store owner who tipped off the FBI to the terror cell “an American hero”, according to Richard Degener of The Press of Atlantic City. Christie spoke at the Flanders Hotel on Tuesday to the Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce. “The camera store owner saw Muslim men in military garb toting weapons in the woods. He heard them talking about jihad and how Allah was great. He called the FBI and became a hero,” Christie said.

One member of the terror cell was able to gain detailed knowledge of the military base from his work as a pizza delivery driver. The plot was to take over guard posts and “kill hundreds of Fort Dix soldiers”, Christie said. U.S. Marshal James Plousis joined Christie at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon with 50 area Atlantic City merchants to talk about the value of reporting suspicious activity.

“They are not being charged with being members of an international terror organisation,” said White House spokesperson, Tony Snow. “However, their involvement in weapons training, operational surveillance and discussions about killing American military personnel warranted a strong law enforcement response.”

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Nov 04

Iranian news agency reproduces The Onion article

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Fars News Agency (FNA), an Iranian news agency, yesterday reported an article from US satirical news website The Onion as fact. The article reports “a Gallup poll” suggesting “the overwhelming majority of rural white Americans” would prefer to vote for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, as opposed to US President Barack Obama. The Onion article reports “77 percent of rural Caucasian voters” saying they would prefer to drink beer with Ahmadinejad or attend a baseball game with him.

Fictional West Virginia resident Dale Swiderski is reported by the Chicago, Illinois based website saying about Ahmadinejad: “I like him better”. ‘Swiderski’ is also quoted as saying the Iranian President “takes national defense seriously, and he’d never let some gay protesters tell him how to run his country like Obama does.”

In Iran, homosexuality is a criminal offence which can carry a penalty of incarceration or capital punishment. Just over five years ago, when he participated in a debate at Columbia University in New York, New York, Ahmadinejad stated “In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country”.

The FNA copied The Onion’s article verbatim and in its entirety, excluding part of a sentence saying Ahmadinejad was “a man who has repeatedly denied the Holocaust and has had numerous political prisoners executed”. However, the Iranian news service did not attribute The Onion as its source.

The FNA’s error has made international headlines, including in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and India.

A link to the FNA article page redirects to an error message which reads: “Error For Your Request. Not Exist This Story.” [sic] However, The Onion included a link to a screenshot of the FNA’s page on their original article, accompanied by a message telling readers to “visit our Iranian subsidiary organization” for more information on the story.

There are no reports of the article being republished in Persian. The FNA has yet to comment on the incident. However, The Onion’s editor Will Tracy humourously remarked their website “freely shares content with Fars and commends the journalists at Iran’s Finest News Source on their superb reportage”.

This is not the first time The Onion has caused the mistaken belief of their material being accurate. In a November 2007 interview with Wikinews, The Onion’s Editorial Manager Chet Clem recounted an incident in which the Beijing Evening News reproduced a story from The Onion created in 2002, copied entirely verbatim, headlined “Congress threatens to leave DC unless new capitol is built”. When the error was highlighted to the Chinese newspaper, Clem said “their response was not to print a correction, but just to say that some newspapers in America make money by printing lies.” In a separate incident, Christians forwarded a story on the Internet from The Onion saying children were converting to Satanism as a result of reading the Harry Potter book series.

BBC News Online also reported an instance of two newspapers in Bangladesh apologising over their publication of an article disputing the validity of the moon landings, originally written by The Onion.

 This story has updates See Iranian news agency apologises for reproducing The Onion article, October 1, 2012 
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Nov 04

Modernizing And Upgrading A Home Alarm System In Bellevue

byAlma Abell

Having a well maintained home security system is necessary for both security and peace of mind. Unfortunately, many homeowners have outdated home alarm systems that are not compatible with the modern communications technology of today. This means that families who use mobile phones or VOIP (voice over internet protocol) must maintain, and pay for, a land line in order to maintain communication between their home security system and the alarm company call center. Fortunately, there is now an adaptive technology that allows homeowners to upgrade their Home Alarm System in Bellevue. With this upgrade, the homeowner keeps his or her existing equipment, and simply installs the new Smart Alarm system.

How does this new system work?

First, the customer installs the new Smart Alarm system using instructions that have been emailed to them. This is an extremely easy process, and there is no charge for this. Once the new system is installed, the homeowner no longer needs to rely on their land line phone for communication. Instead, they can monitor the security system via their computer or other internet capable device. In addition to the services that are provided with a standard home security system, the Smart Alarm provides additional features. One of these is E-Notify. With E-Notify, customers are notified via email or pager when an event occurs. For example, the homeowner may elect to receive an email when their child leaves for school in the morning and activates the security system. Next View video surveillance is an additional enhancement available to customers. This comes with an iPhone App allowing customers to view their property from their mobile phone.

What are the benefits of upgrading my Home Alarm System in Bellevue?

By selecting this new technology, the customer has greater peace of mind knowing that they can keep tabs on their home or business from any location, as long as they have an internet connection. Because the system doesn’t require a land line to stay connected and functional, the customer may save money by having that service disconnected. Finally, because the system uses internet technology, the customer can maintain his or her account, view any events that have been logged by the system, and order upgrades, simply by going online. For more details on this modern home security system Click here.

Nov 04

2006 U.S. Congressional Elections

Wednesday, November 8, 2006


  • 1 Issues
  • 2 Campaigns turn nasty
  • 3 Polling Problems
  • 4 Summaries by state
  • 5 Alabama
  • 6 Alaska
  • 7 Arizona
  • 8 Arkansas
  • 9 California
  • 10 Colorado
  • 11 Connecticut
  • 12 Delaware
  • 13 Florida
  • 14 Georgia
  • 15 Hawaii
  • 16 Idaho
  • 17 Illinois
  • 18 Indiana
  • 19 Iowa
  • 20 Kansas
  • 21 Kentucky
  • 22 Louisiana
  • 23 Maine
  • 24 Maryland
  • 25 Massachusetts
  • 26 Michigan
  • 27 Minnesota
  • 28 Mississippi
  • 29 Missouri
  • 30 Montana
  • 31 Nebraska
  • 32 Nevada
  • 33 New Hampshire
  • 34 New Jersey
  • 35 New Mexico
  • 36 New York
  • 37 North Carolina
  • 38 North Dakota
  • 39 Ohio
  • 40 Oklahoma
  • 41 Oregon
  • 42 Pennsylvania
  • 43 Rhode Island
  • 44 South Carolina
  • 45 South Dakota
  • 46 Tennessee
  • 47 Texas
  • 48 Utah
  • 49 Vermont
  • 50 Virginia
  • 51 Washington
  • 52 West Virginia
  • 53 Wisconsin
  • 54 Wyoming
  • 55 American Samoa
  • 56 District of Columbia
  • 57 Guam
  • 58 Virgin Islands
  • 59 Sources

As of 10:00 p.m EST November 8, 2006, the Democratic Party is projected to have gained control of both the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate in the 2006 United States general elections. MSNBC projects that the Democrats now control 234 seats in the House of Representatives, 16 more seats than the 218 needed to control the House of Representatives as all 435 seats were up for election. In the Senate, where the balance of power is closer, one-third of all seats were up for grab. As of 10:00 p.m. EST, AP and Reuters were projecting that the Democrats had picked up all six seats they needed to retake the Senate, including the seats of incumbents Rick Santorum (Penn.), Lincoln Chafee (R.I.), Jim Talent (Missouri), Mike DeWine (Ohio), John Tester (Montana), and Jim Webb (VA). The Tester victory by less than 3,000 votes was projected at approximately 2 p.m. EST after the State of Montana announced the results of overnight recounts. Democrat Jim Webb has prevailed in that race by slightly more than 7,000 votes, though his opponent has not conceded and a recount may still occur.

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