20 Fun Facts About Car Removal And Recycling

  1. Out of all the different consumer products that get recycled on a regular basis, the one that gets recycled the most is the automobile.
  2. The amount of materials that get recycled from wrecked vehicles has been measured to be at least 25 million tons a year.
  3. The age of the entire industry that focuses on recycling cars has reached the 75 year mark. Here’s to 75 more!
  4. The second hand parts that are sold by your local car removal company are much cheaper than brand new parts. In fact, they can be up to 80% less expensive.
  5. Recycled steel makes up to one quarter of your average car’s body. This is a testament to how important it is to recycle steel.
  6. Junk cars provide us with 14 million tons of steel.
  7. The amount of vehicles that reach their junk stages per year can be calculated to be over 27 million.
  8. The amount of each vehicle that is recycled is 80%. All the non-recyclable material gets labelled as “Auto Shredder Residue.” It is made of materials that includes fabric, dirt, plastic and steel materials, just to mention a few.
  9. If we are talking about the percentage of each car battery that gets recycled, the number is even higher. It is 99%.
  10. One of the most recyclable parts of your average automobile is the humble tyre. The resulting material then goes on to make sandals, playgrounds and auto carpets.
  11. So much steel gets recycled every year that over 12 million new cars are made as a result.
  12. Sometimes the windshield can be recycled.
  13. Another material that gets recycled from automobiles is the oil. In fact, so much oil gets recycled that it can fill over 80 million barrels.
  14. There are toxic materials in vehicles, which makes disposing of them improperly bad for the environment. Auto recycling companies recycle them or dispose of them in environmentally friendly ways.
  15. Alternators, transmissions and other expensive auto parts are refurbished so that they are in good condition. Then they are then sold.
  16. Providing people with the means of selling faulty cars fast and easily reduces the amount of unsafe vehicles on the road. This then reduces the number of accidents.
  17. Environmental compliance costs your local legitimate auto recycling company over 50 million dollars.
  18. Recycling reduces the need for the mining of natural resources that are used to make steel. The amount can be calculated to be up to 120 pounds of limestone, 1400 pounds of coal and 2500 pounds of iron ore per ton of steel.
  19. If your vehicle doesn’t have registration, you can still sell to a car wreckers in your area.
  20. Second hand parts don’t only get re-used in vehicles. They can be used as arts and crafts materials as well to make furniture, kitchen utensils, gates, ornaments and so forth. The limit is your imagination.