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From the long centuries, beagles have been winning the hearts of people as a hunting dog in France and England. These pack of small hound dogs were used to hunt rabbits in 1500s. They are renowned for their baying voice and thrived in pack. It will be quite easier in beagle training if the brief history about these hounds is well learned.


In this present day, beagles are the wonderful dog for any family. Like any other hounds, they also tend to be free and think themselves. They are independent and stubborn for some reason sometime. So consistency is essential for training beagles.

The voice level is also important as well as the consistency in beagle training as the individual lesson won t last long. They have too short attention span and they can get bored and will attempt to divert their mind somewhere else. At the same time you will be surprised with their obedience training as they are able to learn quickly and remember the commands.

Beagle Potty Training:


Patience is the key for house breaking as they will be little slow when it comes to house breaking. You have to keep the house strictly cleaned, so they will understand that you are very much serious about where to do and where not to.

Assure that your beagle know well where to potty

Observe carefully for any kind of signal for going out for potty

Get the dog out as soon as they are awake

Get them out as soon they finish eating

Take them out after playing session

Take the dog out before going to bed

Even though they are taken out during this time, they can have accidents, but you mustn t be angry, instead pay a close attention for next time.

Crate Training a Beagle:

While choosing a crate for your beagle puppy, the crate mustn t be too big or too small. It should be big enough to stand and to lie comfortably down. The crate is obviously an important item for crate training any kind of dog breed. At the age of one month, the doggie should be kept in the crate for an hour only. So after the age of three month, you can maximize the length of time for 4 hours. But you have to keep that in mind this is only a guideline for expecting your puppy to hold on before relieving.

Using a crate will help your dog to wait until they are taken out for relieving and as long as you don t let him wait. The crate method is the best way to take the advantage as they have a natural instinct not to make their sleeping area dirty. They also think this crate as their private place to escape from the noise and other pets, and lots of dogs regard this as their napping place and think as their den.

So as usual, crate training a beagle and other training requires lot of practice and a huge amount of practice. And consistency matters a lot during beagle training session.

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