Celebrate Life After Retirement At High End Assisted Living Homes

Celebrate Life after Retirement at High-End Assisted Living Homes


The Golden Estate

Today, the concept of senior citizen homes in Delhi become popular, to answer the multiple luxury and comfortable living needs of the senior citizens. It has been surveyed that a good standard of living assures longer lives of people from all walks of the life. Senior citizens residence in India is gaining tremendous response in order to bestow improved living experiences to the elite senior citizens. The spaces available at senior communities have appealing architectural attributes to redefine simplified living practices that promote care, safety and comfort. Undoubtedly, the life has been trapped in various social, personal and professional worries, and this current situation has awakened the need for integrated assisted living homes. Therefore, The Golden Estate brings in the most dignified and preferred lifestyle community, which is safe, secure, and fulfilling the luxury needs of old age people.

The best in class senior living home which understand the physical changes that occur with age and provide facilities that are coping with the changing needs of senior citizens. Apart from promoting privileged living, the golden estate adopts safety measures and health care measures to bestow the space, which is fully preventive and tailor-made for the older people.

Some safety measures that should be taken care of, when senior citizens living alone or with spouse

Fix a camera at the door, so that you can see whose knocking at the door


Have your house number evidently posted outside the door

When someone knocks at your door, do not open it unless you know your visitor.

Have a through-the-door viewer installed on each exterior door.

If the person is a representative, salesperson, etc., ask that ID cards and credentials be slipped under the door or through the mail slot. Call the employer to verify the name and business. Refuse to deal with anyone who won t comply with this request

Someone may knock at your door and ask to use your telephone to make an emergency call.

Never open the door for unknowns, Take the message and make the call for them.

If someone comes to your door that you do not trust or who you believe might be dangerous, call your local police or sheriff s department immediately.

The Golden Estate is certain to be the futuristic real estate revolution the place wherein you could begin a new journey with positive approach. The fine architecture attributes have replaced the conventional or traditional forms of living.

While ideating the concept of The Golden Estate, we have drawn inspiration from our traditional Indian Joint Family system. To know more about

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