Combining Flea Control With Heartworm Pills}

Combining Flea Control with Heartworm Pills


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Sentinel for Dogs is an oral heartworm pill using Milbemycin oxime to safely destroy any heartworm larvae your dog has contracted from an infected mosquito bite. In addition Sentinel uses Lufenuron an insect development inhibitor, to destroy flea larvae and eggs.


For dogs that do not regularly encounter new populations of adult fleas this once a month tablet offers an effective flea management system. But, during the first month of using this, as you wait for the adult flea population to die off, many pet owners find it useful to also give Capstar, an oral flea control product that destroys all adult fleas that meet your pet in the 24 hours after treatment.

In addition to destroying larval heartworms, Sentinel for Dogs also controls the adult forms of several intestinal parasites (hookworms, whipworms and roundworms). This means that with one simple tablet you can control three types of pest (heartworms, intestinal worms and fleas). Only needing to buy and use one tablet each month offers dog owners a simple way to save time and money, with one convenient pet medicine.

Sentinel for Dogs has been shown to be extremely safe for all breeds of dogs including puppies. This makes it a good alternative to Heartgard for owners of collie breeds concerned about the collie’s sensitivity to Ivermectin. Being particularly mild, Sentinel may be safely used in puppies from four weeks (over 2lbs in weight) and in nursing or pregnant dogs.

This heartworm medicine and flea control pill comes in the form of a beef flavored tasty tablet that most dogs find palatable. No beef is actually included in the formulation (the beef flavor is soya bean and pork derived), making them perfectly safe for dogs allergic to beef.

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Combining Flea Control with Heartworm Pills