Diet And Acne: Diet Tips For Acne That Work

By Mike H. Walden

Diet And Acne – There Is A Deep Relationship Between The Two, But Still No Diet Can Cure Acne. Find Out More From A Lifelong Acne Researcher

Medical profession had long believed that acne and diet were never linked together. Food, they had agued, comes no where near to acne which can only be traced to the genes and also to hormonal imbalance during puberty – but now recent studies have come up with factual evidence which confirms that certain types of food trigger acne while others retard its progression. It is not accepted that diet impacts the levels of hormones and the toxins in the body. There are some nutrients that can optimize the diet and thereby reduce the inflammation and prevent acne.

Guided through this fact, we may come to the conclusion that selective diets have strong cumulative effect on our body and mind and food can very well shape it to the desired level – both from the outside as well as the inside. It also nullifies the notion so far held among the knowledgeable circle that diet has very little or no impact chronic disease condition like the acne.


The strongly established link between diet and acne has been established by Dr. Cordian, who while conducting a research on people living in the Kitavan Islands found that none of the islanders had acne. Mind you, there was no cosmetic medicinal facility available in that remote island, and there were no professional dermatologist to advise the natives about hormone imbalance. Of course there were no drugs too. It was nothing but traditional food that the innocent natives consumed which prevented the spread of this distressing disease condition.

Studies have proved that elimination of certain kinds of food items like hydrogenated oils, refined carbohydrates, dairy products and yeasty savories from the menu spontaneously reduce chances of acne formation while their inclusion in the diet may trigger acne. But this does not mean that an acne diet alone will prevent or control acne on its own.

Selective food alone cannot prevent or cure acne. That is because it is but one of the several contributory factors that trigger acne. There are other more complex factors which collectively contribute towards the formation of acne. In fact, this multi-dimensional disease condition may first be internally controlled through diet but for a radical cure, the only way out is holistic treatment that ensures that all these internal factors are fixed for lifelong acne freedom. But changing the diet is a good starting point.

In view of the learned researcher’s observations, it may be rightly asserted that food and acne are co-related and should be treated as such. However food cannot directly cause acne because then with all of us having wrong food, everyone would have had acne – but that is not the case. People seeking a radical cure should look for holistic way of treatment to get rid of this painful and irritating disease condition. The holistic approach fixes the internal causes and also shows what the right diet would be.

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