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Richard Tobin

Maintaining body shape is very important for every lady, not only to look great but also to be fit and healthy. Many women opt for plastic surgery to retain their beauty. Recently, people have considered choosing Rhinoplasty, Restylane, Blepharoplasty, Boob job and Abdominoplasty to reshape various parts of their body like lips, nose, eyelids, breasts and abdomen.

The most common body part that is restructured is the breast. Ladies go for breast augmentation either by taking medicines or through surgery. Non-surgical treatment like exercise and herbal pills are highly acceptable as women are reluctant to go for operational procedures. Plus, natural way is considered to be safe and inexpensive. However, there are trusted doctors who advice the best treatment to maintain physical fitness along with beauty through surgery.

Usually we see teenagers opting for breast enlargement for beauty purpose and the ladies choose breast implant for physical fitness. After delivery, they usually feel lack of volume and want to regain their body posture. Doctors believe that a modest rejuvenation of the breasts will be benefited from breast augmentation alone and thus, it is widely recommended. Through doctors advice, ladies decide on modern silicone gels instead of saline gels for breast implant composition.


Besides, women even look upon teardrop or round shapes that suit best. Volume and the ideal place to put the best implant are also given importance while planning a boob job. It is noted that recovery from breast augmentation surgery can be painful. Furthermore, there are some risks involved like bleeding and haematoma, infection, adverse scarring and even breast cancer. So, vital care should be taken.

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Anyways, have you heard that there are many women who go for breast reduction as well? Yes, there are many big-breasted women who go for this option because they feel embarrassed as they find it difficult to get their size of clothes. Plus, severe physical pain is also noticed in women who have too large breasts for their body frame. According to doctors suggestion, they undergo reduction mammaplasty and get physical fitness. This is usually not recommended for enhancing the appearance. In fact, it is advised for easing themselves from pain.

After breast reduction surgery, women experience a radical improvement in back, shoulder, and neck pain. Moreover, the issue of clothing is also solved. Now, they can enjoy the freedom from physical and emotional discomforts of carrying big breasts.

Even this procedure comes associated with common risks such as a loss of sensation in the nipples, asymmetrical breasts and uneven nipple height in addition to infection and blood clot. Generally, it is said that women who have undergone breast reduction cannot breast feed their infants. But these are aspects which you can eliminate after a talk with the surgeon.

Thus, it is important to discuss all the aspects with the cosmetic surgeon and avoid complications in the post-procedure.

Richard Tobin is author of this article on Breast augmentation. Find more information about Breast reduction here.

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