How Much Can Mangetic Generators Save On My Power Bill?

By Creztor Tessel

One of the biggest driving factors behind the search for alternative ways to generate electricity is how much money you can save. The cost of electricity has and will continue to steadily rise. It is no wonder that home owners have been looking for ways to get in early and start saving money by making their own electricity. Magnetic generators give you the chance to save money by making your own power at home, but just how much can you save? Probably the best way to fully understand how much these generators can save you is to take a look at the other options to making your own electricity at home and seeing how much they can save you compared to magnetic generators. This way you’ll see why these simple generators are the best choice to saving money, making your own power and saving the planet.

Solar power is extremely popular and widely used. It is the most popular green alternative method to making electricity at your home. Just how much does a home owner stand to save if they install solar panels on their house? This is where solar power falls short of the dreams many people had for it when it was first invented all these years ago. The biggest problem with solar power is that you stand to save very little money on your power bill based on the poor efficiency of solar panels. They create very little electricity and must be used on a very large scale to see any real impact. This is probably why you see more solar water heaters installed on houses than actual houses using solar power panels to create electricity. Solar power is a great idea but you don’t stand to see any real gains or savings on your power bill.


Magnetic generators, however, offer home owners a real chance at actually saving money and creating their own power. You can expect to save at least 30% off your current power bill if you make the move to installing your own magnetic generator in your house. Is this as much as you can save using these generators? No, it isn’t. Home owners can save up to 50% or even more and it is actually possible to generate all the electricity your house needs and completely removing the reliance on power companies. Just how much power you want to generate really depends on what kind of setup you are looking for. Do you want to only partially power your house and still experience modest savings on your electricity bill? Or are you looking for a simple solution to make all of the electricity you’ll ever need at home? This is the beauty of magnetic generators as they can be scaled to suit your specific needs.

Magnetic generators can be scaled to match your own personal needs and will give you a real chance at saving 30% and even more off your current bill. No matter if you are only looking for a way to partially create your own free electricity at home or make all of your own free power, magnetic generators will deliver.

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