Keep Your Smile Looking Fantastic With Dentures In Waimanalo

byAlma Abell

Although you’ll have many experiences throughout the course of your life, you’re only given one smile to see you through all of them. That’s why it’s so important to have a set of pearly whites that not only appear healthy and attractive, but really and truly are. When something happens, and your smile is damaged, it can seem like all you want to do is crawl under a rock and hide. A broken, severely decayed, or missing tooth can make you not recognize yourself in the mirror. If an untreated cavity or tooth decay causes a massive infection known as an abscess, you’re likely not only suffering from severe pain but need immediate extraction of the tooth. Fortunately, innovation in the dental world has come a long way, and there are options for repairing a damaged smile in an affordable way and with minimally invasive techniques.

Whether you’re needing to replace a single tooth, an entire part of your smile, or are considering replacing a majority of your natural teeth, a skilled dentist has a solution. If you’ve been considering the benefits of Dentures in Waimanalo, the office of Howard Carrico III, DDS, is ready to help you repair your damaged smile and face the world again. With knowledgeable professionals that treat you with kindness and compassion, virtually pain-free dentistry is always a focus. It is easy to avoid caring for a damaged smile due to fear and anxiety over sitting in the dentist’s chair, especially if something such as an extraction or root canal is necessary. Rest assured, there are options to make you feel at ease, and leave you looking forward to a happier and healthier you. When patients suffer from lost, missing, or hopelessly damaged teeth, the most popular solution is to request custom-fitted dentures. This is the least expensive option, and Dentures in Waimanalo are designed to last a very long, with proper care and maintenance. For those who are looking for a slightly more permanent solution, dental implants are also an option, and can be completed in just a few office visits. Whatever the solution you seek, call today for the help you need to restore your brilliant smile.