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In the recent years, people complaining of back and neck pain problems have increased at an alarming rate. Also, it has been found that neck and back pain is one of the main causes of loss of work time, second to the common cold. Almost 70 percent to 80 percent people living in the United States of America suffer from it at one or the other point in their lives. Despite this, most of us just ignore it initially only to get worried later. Spasm, sprain and strain is the most common cause of back and neck pain. And, it happens because of improper posture, poor technique to lift things and unhealthy ergonomic environment. Disc problems which trigger because of age, wear or tear or injury is yet another cause. There are other causes as well as such, as osteoporosis, spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis.

Pain management is one of the most important parts of back and neck pain treatment in Atlanta. It is about a multidisciplinary approach for eliminating or minimizing pain. Some of the goals as part of pain management are eliminating intake of unsafe medicines, increase in physical activity and learning and adapting lifestyle promoting wellness.

Pain management therapies and treatments for back and neck pain treatment in Atlanta


Antidepressant Medicines There are several evidences to prove that tricyclic anti-depressants make for an effective treatment for different type pain conditions like neuropathic pain and migraine headache.

Epidural InjectionsIt is one of the most effective ways of treating back and neck pain. In this, the physician or spinal surgeon feels the spine of patient for guiding needle placement between the spinal vertebrae. However, with new techniques, things have changed. Today, technique of X-ray fluoroscopy is used for administering the needle directly into the neural foramen. This is the point where the damaged nerve root exits the spinal canal.

Steroid injections into the lumbar epidural space are used for alleviating pain which radiates from the lower back and goes to the leg. The main cause of pain might be spinal stenosis or disc herniation which triggers inflammation, nerve root irritation and pain. In a similar way, Epidural injections are used for treating neck pain which extends till arm.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs These are pain relieving medications. Intake of these drugs does not alter or affect patients cognitive functions, cause nausea or respiratory depression. However, it is important for you to know that NSAIDs have significant side effects, particularly if taken for a long time.

Facet joint injectionsThey comprise of injection involving steroid medication into the damaged facet joint for alleviating pain and inflammation. Injections, when administered into these blocks or nerves of the joints can be of great help in relieving pain.

In addition to the above slated, there are several other treatment options for neck and back pain treatment in Atlanta. In order to know about the best available treatment, consult an experienced and an expert spinal surgeon like Dr. Erik Bendiks. He has been treating problems related to back, neck and spine for more than ten years, and thus recommends the best treatment.

About the Author: If you are suffering neck or back pain then consult a doctor who has expertise or specialization for the same. This will ensure you get the best neck pain treatment in Atlanta.


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