Switch To Borri Ups; Save Money And Power

Switch to Borri ups; Save money and power


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UPS is the abbreviation for uninterruptible power supply, also known as uninterruptible power source. In a layman s language, ups refer to battery or flywheel backup. Goes by various names however, the UPS is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when input power source, typically the utility mains, fails.

A UPS must not be confused with or mistaken for an auxiliary or emergency power system or standby generator. UPS can be used as an alternative or a back-up for power supply till the power is being sourced from alternative sources of power system or standby generator.


Talking about ups manufacturers and suppliers, the first name that comes to mind is borri ups. One of the world s leaders in ups business is borri ups. One of the largest manufactures of ups systems, borri ups is headquartered in UK. Borri UPS is involved in the business of single phase and three-phase ups systems. At borri ups, no compromise is made on quality as quality is of very high standard. No wonder this company has a global presence. Borri ups have a manufacturing plant in Italy, a sales office in London and a distribution centre in Scotland. Apart from being involved in the manufacturing and distribution of ups systems, borri ups also undertakes maintenance of diesel generator.

The main aim of the company, borri ups is to make sure that their customers and the end-users end up saving money and power at the same time. Bori ups make sure that they design their products in such a way that their consumers stand to gain from them. Apart from the consumers being able to gain from the range of products, borri ups has also involved itself in the making of environment-friendly products. One such product of borri ups is Eco ups systems.

Apart from being the global manufacturer and distributor of ups systems, borri ups is also involved in the business of offering a wide range of installation of electrical appliances. Borri ups also undertake maintenance services. The services offered by borri ups are designed in such a way that they support consumers living environment.

Maintenance of ups, data cabling, isolation transformer, fuel polishing and computer room maintenance among other services are offered by borri ups. The company also undertakes free sight surveys, load bank testing and leases out ups. Borri ups support a lot of brands. Chloride, Powerware, MGE, Riello, APC, AEC, Gamatronic and Eaton are to name a few. Borri ups offer a three-year warranty with three-phase ups. So, the next time, when you are looking for the power to save power, think borri ups.

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