The Value Of Tree Pruning In Queens County, Ny

August, 2014 byAlma Abell

Tree pruning in Queens County NY is an invaluable service. Pruning a tree is the process of removing branches. Those who provide pruning services also provide other services which will help maintain a healthy landscape, such as tree removal, trimming, stump removal and grinding, planting, and also help to remove fallen trees after storms. All of which tie into the ultimate goals of pruning, which are to maintain curb appeal, clear obstructions, and keep healthy plants. Tree pruning in Queens County NY is especially vital. Pruning is important in highly populated areas due to the high number of pedestrians. Pruning does remove dead branches and improve the overall look of the tree. However, it also helps remove obstructions from walkways and also reduces the chances of power outages and other hazards that take place when limbs fall during storms. Pruning also helps to keep branches off of homes and buildings, which can cause roofing problems and issues with mold. Pruning is important for safety as well as maintaining value in a home. There are many tips and techniques for tree pruning. The most important tips are to not remove any of the skeletal branches. Only remove branches that are dead, damaged by a storm, causing an obstruction to a walk way, leaning on a home or building, or in thick areas of branches that you would like to thin out.


Techniques to tree pruning are as follows:

1. Cleaning2. Thinning3. Raising4. Reduction

Cleaning is the basic pruning of cutting away dead, diseased, or damaged branches. Thinning is cutting away thick areas of the tree. Raising is cutting away bottom branches. Reduction is lowering a tree to help keep them clear of utility lines. These pruning techniques can be done at any time of year. Tree pruning can be the difference between an overgrown yard or a welcoming home. It helps to maintain safety at a home or business. It adds to curb appeal and, in turn, can add value to your home. There are many professionals that can care for the health of your trees with ease. It is an invaluable service that can make a difference whether it is how others view your home or how much of an impact a storm has on your family.

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